After the release of iOS 17.1 in October, which brought interesting new features (personalization of the wallpaper, improvement of AirDrop, new display options for StandBy, etc.), Apple took the opportunity to deploy the iOS 17.2 beta. And with this upcoming update, owners will be able to benefit from a brand new application: Journal. We take stock!

An application to keep a virtual diary on the iPhone

Journal is a new native application on the iPhone that allows you to keep a digital diary, and thus share all your thoughts and good memories in a dedicated space on your smartphone.

Concretely, the application allows you to create “entries” with text, images (imported from the Photos application, or by taking a photo directly), voice, or even your location. The interface is designed to be clean, making note-taking as simple as possible.

Journal is a new app that invites iPhone users to reflect and express gratitude through journaling, a proven method for improving well-being, Apple says.

The real advantage of this new application? This is based on “embedded machine learning”, which means that Journal is able to draw on other applications on your iPhone (Photos, Health, Fitness, etc.) to offer you suggested entries. “depending on the moments you experience on a daily basis”. These recommendations are based on your recent activities: photos captured, places visited, sports training carried out, discussions, music listened to, etc. The application is also able to suggest topics on which to write, to eliminate blank page syndrome.

Note that the application will only be available on the iPhone, upon the release of iOS 17.2, expected in a few weeks. Journal is however already present on the App Store.

How to use the Journal app?

For Journal, Apple has adopted a single watchword: simplicity. Concretely, to start an entry, all you have to do is press the “+” button, which appears at the bottom of your screen.

Then you can start writing straight away! Different buttons above your keyboard give you the possibility of integrating a reflection, adding an image, taking a photo, recording an audio note, or even a location. If you want to add this entry to your favorites, simply click on the bookmark icon, at the top left of the screen.

When you’re finished writing your entry, tap OKto save it in Journal.

Good to know by clicking on the 3 ellipsis located at the top right of the screen, you can modify the date of the entry (entry date, current date or personalized date).

We can’t deny it, getting started with the Journal application is really simple!

What about the security of data shared in Journal?

The question of security is essential when preparing to share your personal reflections! On this point, Apple wants to be reassuring: the Journal application can be locked via your code, Face ID or Touch ID. You also have control over locking the application as soon as you leave it (immediate locking, or after 1 minute, 5 minutes, or a quarter of an hour).

Regarding data security, the application is end-to-end encrypted, and Apple cannot access your notes in any way. Another important point: the application can be synchronized with iCloud, so you never lose your entries.

Finally, if you are used to using the iPhone Notes application to write down everything that comes to mind, the Journal application should quickly appeal to you!

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