Is Temtem cross-platform at launch? MMORPGs are fun, but they’re even more fun when you can engage across multiple platforms. It also gives you a better chance of playing with someone you might actually know. So we have some good news for you fans, but you need to read on to find out more. The game can be described as a clone of Pokémon, but do not write it by mistake.

There’s a lot of complexity behind the game once you get there. Think of a Gacha game with RPG elements and deck building. Plus, it’s a humble package, so you can’t go wrong. Although it might look familiar at first glance, the game is quite fun on its own. But the main question a lot of people getting into Temtem have is…..

Is Temtem cross-platform?

Yes, Temtem is cross-platform. The game is available on PC, Xbox platforms, Playstations 5 and also Nintendo Switch.

On top of that, it’s also cross-progression, which is fantastic. So not only can you play on all platforms, but you can also progress on all of them. And all that and a decent storyline too, so give Temtem a try.

It might surprise you like us.

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