1. Israel shoots down ‘suspicious aerial target’ launched from Lebanon, allows fuel into Gaza | Hamas WarNODE
  2. IDF says it intercepted “suspicious aerial target” over LebanonThe time of Israel
  3. Hezbollah’s carpet bombing of Israel after IDF bombing in South Lebanon | WatchHindustan Times
  4. Rampant escalation along Israel-Lebanon border risks more serious warThe Washington Post
  5. Hezbollah and Israel trade strikes on Lebanese border | WIONWION
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Israel-Hamas war live: Israel claims hostages taken to Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital on day of Hamas attacks | Israel-Hamas War

La guerre entre Israël et le Hamas est en cours : le chef du Hamas déclare que « nous sommes sur le point de parvenir à une trêve », mais Israël n’a…

Live – Israel-Hamas: daily fuel deliveries authorized again in Gaza

LIVE – Hamas-Israel war: two journalists and a civilian killed in Lebanon – Libération

Israel-Hamas war: Hamas signs “truce agreement” to free Gaza hostages

War between Hamas and Israel: arrested by Israel, Palestinian workers released in Gaza

REPLAY. Israel-Hamas war: UN speaks of possible “war crimes” in Gaza after new Israeli bombing of refugee camp

Gaza: Intercepted conversation reveals how Hamas collects fuel for hospitals

Israel turns southern Lebanon into ‘smoldering ruins’

“Israel must provide fuel to Gaza to maintain US support” (Netanyahu)

“The war in Lebanon would plunge part of the Middle East into an abyss,” believes Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu

LIVE – Israel-Hamas conflict: before Blinken, Mahmoud Abbas denounces “the genocide” perpetrated by Israel in Gaza

Russia shoots down drones on the outskirts of Moscow | world news

Russia shoots down two drones in Moscow region

Moscow shoots down Ukrainian drones in Bryansk and Kaluga regions

Hamas-Israel war: “Hezbollah, on a military level, is something different from Hamas” – FRANCE 24

Israel-Hamas War. Intensive strikes, blackout… what we know about the situation in the Gaza Strip

Israel Hamas war: families of hostages demand an end to military operations in Gaza – Le Monde

Gaza crisis as Israel warns of long war with Hamas: live updates

Hamas – Israel War LIVE: Five French people among those evacuated from Gaza to Egypt…

Exploring CapCut’s Color Correction Features for Photo Editing

Rencontrez le cercle restreint des rebelles du Sénat, des responsables de Trump et des collaborateurs vétérans du président de la Chambre, Mike Johnson.

Emmanuel Macron announces the creation of a museum on the history of the cathedral, and a competition to create contemporary stained glass windows

Al-Qassam Brigades say Israeli hostage dies in botched rescue operation

Notre-Dame de Paris: Emmanuel Macron announces a contemporary stained glass competition and the opening of a museum

Titanic Project: Brussels demands carbon neutral buildings by 2050

“Antoine Dupont cannot be above the XV of France! Pierre Berbizier violently criticizes player management during the World Cup

Mr. Villain’s Day Off Anime Premieres January 7

ENEBA promo codes for the weekend!

three security officers from the naturist camp were taken into custody

Cody Fajardo makes himself a LeBron James with the Alouettes

Growing-Impact Animated Adaptation Coming to Netflix Next Year

Palestinians detained by Israel in Gaza, blindfolded and undressed | Israeli-Palestinian conflict News

“We will be on time” to reopen Notre-Dame de Paris, says Macron

The company opens its first retail store, The Byte Shop.

She was preparing a synchronized swimming show for Christmas: at 46, a famous Catalan actress died in the swimming pool of Lloret de Mar

12 people in absolute emergency after possible carbon monoxide poisoning

Fraud to the president: ING will have to reimburse nearly 100,000 euros to Vranken Pommery

DJ Snake fills his concert at the Stade de France in 3 minutes

Is it fair for taxpayers to pay for ministers’ lawyers and communications in court?

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