Starfield is Microsoft’s big video game cartridge. This RPG in space promises to be particularly ambitious and somewhat reminiscent of another game…

Starfield vs. Star Citizen

On one side we have Star Citizen. The development of this ambitious title began in 2011 but the idea goes back even longer. It germinated in the mind of Chris Roberts in the early 2000s. At the time, the project was called Freelancer and the goal was to immerse players in a living and massively multiplayer space universe. But too ambitious and too expensive, it was finally released in 2003, pushed by Microsoft, without meeting the expectations of its creator. If today, there is no one to force Chris Roberts and his studio to lower their ambitions, the game is still hampered by them. Star Citizen is one of those projects so ambitious that one wonders if they will ever come out. Admittedly, the game is available in early access but even players sometimes doubt that it will ever be finished.

On the other, there is Starfield. And its resemblance to Star Citizen is not limited to the first four letters of its name. If Starfield is not intended to be a massively multiplayer game, it shares with Chris Roberts’ game the fact of being a particularly ambitious space game. And if the rivalry between the two titles was so far not well marked, the recent presentation of gameplay of the game from Bethesda has rekindled the flame of discord.

Until Starfield goes live, we can stop the comparing it to Star Citizen. Whether you think SC is a scam, good, or bad, it matters not. It’s the only game doing what it does in real time. No cut scenes, every multi passenger ship is fully explorable, all persistently online.

The fans are fighting

In the middle of Starfield Direct, we could already see players saying “Star Citizen is now dead” in the chat. And this confrontation continued long after the presentation, on social networks. And what is the perfect place for it (besides Twitter)? Reddit of course. It is indeed on the thread dedicated to Star Citizen that low karma decided to share his love of Starfield. The post has since been deleted because it didn’t directly discuss Star Citizen. But it is possible that the moderators did not really appreciate his point:

So far it’s blowing up Star Citizen. Starfield seems to be focused on what most people want and what gaming should be. With the exception of the multiplayer portion, which is large but currently doesn’t exist for most people in Star Citizen, Starfield covers everything I want in Star Citizen.

Suffice to say that in the comments, it gets a little scarred. On the one hand, some claim that Starfield will offer players the promises that Star Citizen will never achieve. On the other hand, defenders of the latter assert that Starfield will never be able to measure up and are already pointing out its flaws (limited customization, single-player game, etc.). It’s a safe bet that this quarrel will start again when Starfield is released, scheduled, we remind you, for September 6th.

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