“We will be intransigent to bring back security, legitimately expected by the inhabitants of this district”, affirmed Elisabeth Borne.

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“It’s a terrible tragedy”reacted Elisabeth Borne on France Bleu on Wednesday August 23 after the death of a ten-year-old child during a shooting in Nîmes. “It will absolutely be necessary that the authors can be punished at the height of the drama that his family is living”said the Prime Minister, who “expressed his emotion and solidarity with his family and loved ones”.

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“The Minister of the Interior is mobilized to dismantle these networks of traffickers”defended Elisabeth Borne, questioned by a listener. “We will be intransigent to bring back security, legitimately expected by the inhabitants of this district”assures the head of government.

“An initiative by the end of the month” on security and urban renewal

“I am fully aware that there are certain neighborhoods where this drug trafficking can make life absolutely impossible for residents.said Elisabeth Borne. We voted just before the summer on a bill, which must absolutely be adopted in the coming weeks, in order to be able to strengthen the means of justice, to be able to deploy police officers in the neighborhoods to ensure the tranquility of the inhabitants. »remembers Elisabeth Borne.

The Prime Minister specifies that Emmanuel Macron “will take the initiative by the end of the month to discuss with all political leaders how we can act, more quickly, more effectively, to provide answers to the inhabitants of our neighborhoods”. These discussions will focus in particular on security and urban renewal.

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