It’s three months away from release, but Starfield has already received its first zero on Metacritic for…


It’s three months away from release, but Starfield has already received its first zero on Metacritic for…

Being one of the most anticipated games of the year is not always positive. After his appearance in the last joint presentation of Xbox and Bethesdasome users have already shown their discontent with Starfield. One of them, perhaps the most willing to attract attention of all, has even taken advantage of an error in Metacritic to put the first zero in its history to the game in the user reviews section. A note that, of course, the website has already removed and in which a spirit of revenge against the most unfortunate projects of the company that created The Elder Scrolls.

The text of the criticism is little more than what is mentioned, a assortment of critics against the games of Bethesda and Todd Howard which was active on the website for approximately 48 hours until removed by Metacritic. Apparently, they have also taken disciplinary action against the user in question whose profile can no longer be found on the website. The measures seem related to the measures that the page has been taking over the years to avoid practices such as ‘Review Bombing’ who only seek reduce in an interested way the average ratings of video games.

“Bethesda – Because creating games that work out of the box is less important than figuring out how to get as much money out of your bank account as possible. The Starfield 76 Super Special Edition packs the disappointment we expected. It comes with a shot glass so you can participate in the most recurring drinking game in internet history: take a shot every time Todd Howard lies. Better not do it, because you are going to die of alcoholic poisoning after only 5 of the 20 minutes of showing this ‘masterpiece’ to the public that it is actually a ‘disasterpiece’”. Review already removed, compiled via GameRant.

Of course, this criticism of Starfield has no foundation. Any user who found a way to bypass Metacritic’s rules by being able to do a ‘review’ before the game was released could have written it. It is always good to be prudent when it comes to launching. However, from the company they defend that, even if it were launched right now, it would be the Game with the fewest bugs in Bethesda’s history. Play as always maintain that balance between the hype for the game that we expect so much and the reasonable skepticism until the first opinions arrive and verify the company’s version.

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