In financial difficulty, the president of Restos du Coeur announced this Sunday that the association would reduce its food distribution this winter. “We benefit from the help of the public but that will not be enough”, indicates the president of the Restos de l’Indre.


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“I think that the decisions taken at national level are good, otherwise it will be necessary to put the key under the door and it is unthinkable”, answers Sunday, September 3 on franceinfo Christian Vaslin, president of the Restos du Cœur de l’Indre. At noon, on TF1, the president of the association, Patrice Douret, announced that the Restos du Coeur – in financial difficulty – should reduce the number of beneficiaries of their food aid this winter. He estimates that around 150,000 people will have to be turned back.

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The President also launched “an appeal to the political and economic forces of our country” for the “launch of an emergency food plan”. “We will follow national guidelines”continues Christian Vaslin. “Of course it will reduce the number of people we are going to help, but the goal is always to help as many people as possible”.

From a more local point of view, the president of the structure of Indre affirms that in the department, “we are not in distress but in difficulty to find money”. With “25% more beneficiaries compared to last year in Indre”the president knows “we have to find solutions”. “It’s up to us to be more creative to find money and be independent” , he says. The purpose being “to avoid asking too much at the national level”.

Focus more on local businesses

Because inflation is indeed there for everyone: the beneficiaries but also the association. “We, at the local level, all that is insurance, fuel, local taxes… All that increases”. “We have the help of the public, he remembers, but that won’t be enough.”. He points out that “the public is generous” but that he “don’t try to ask him more”. The president does not want ” user “ this audience, nor ” abuse “ of his kindness, for he has “the same difficulties as us”.

Thus among the initiatives mentioned, Christian Vaslin expressed his desire to turn more to local companies, even to the president of the departmental council. He also thinks of sharing his difficulties “with the services of the State, the department and the town halls”.

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