It’s off to the sale! Today is market day in Jaipur and you will do everything to beat your opponent to the post and become the most successful merchant. Each game is an adventure during which you will collect exotic goods such as spices, fabrics, gold and precious gems in order to sell them and make a fortune.

Skillfully manage your resources, especially camels, which are essential for trading successfully. The art of negotiation comes into play as you barter with the market for the best goods. You will need to watch the market closely, anticipate your opponent’s moves, and decide when to sell your goods at the best price .

So put on your merchant costume and your friendliest smile to become the richest merchant in Jaipur!

How to play in Jaipur?

Playing in Jaipur is simple. There is nothing to throw away, it is absolutely simple and yet there is a real depth of play! At the start of the round, each of the two players receives a starting hand made up of a mixture of camel cards and of goods, then a market is made in the center of the table which also includes camel and goods cards. We determine a player who starts playing and then LEZGO ZÉPARTI!

On his turn, there is two possible actions that we can accomplish.

Buy : thanks to this action, one can acquire cards from the market. We can either collect a single card that really interests us a lot, or barter several cards from our hand against goods from the center of the table (this means that we do not win anything but that we can harmonize our collections and prepare to sell), or take all the camels on the market, which makes good bargaining chips.
All these maneuvers will fill the hand with various and varied commodity cards, but the hand being limited to 7 cards, it will be necessary at some point to use the second possible action which is to sell.

Sell ​​: Selling your collections (several cards of the same type) is the only way to get the tokens that grant victory. By selling the most interesting collections before your opponent, you make sure to pocket the highest value tokens for a given type of goods first, but by waiting a bit, you can try to sell more by bringing together a greater number of cards of the same type and earn a bonus.

Basically, I wait to put together lots of similar goods to sell a big blow at once and earn a great bonus, or I do lots of small sales one after another to saturate the market and prevent my opponent from making money. wheat. And yes, it’s the law of the market, you have to be ruthless, you have a family to feed and a game to win here!

jaipur maps
jaipur tokens

When the market needs to be filled (after a purchase, for example) and there are no more cards left in the draw pile or three stacks of sales reward tokens are empty, you count your rupees which will be made up of both tokens merchandise and collectible sale bonus tokens and whoever has the most wins the round. We replay a second round, or even possibly a third to determine which of the two players will have won the game.

My opinion on Jaipur

Jaipur has that little something timeless. There are three and a half rules and only two possible actions, and yet the game creates a very amusing tension at the table. When, for example, we try to enlarge our collections until we sell them at the right time, or when we eye the merchandise card that guarantees us a good sale and the opponent shamelessly steals it from us.

The double challenge of market movements and management of the timing of sales is very simple and that is why we will quickly be more interested in what the opponent wants or can do than simply selling quickly. We link the games, to learn how to thwart the opponent’s reasoning and determine his way of playing to thwart his plans, because the game is fluid, fast and effective.

game for two jaipur

Jaipur is a board game that has stood the test of time. The Jaipur edition by the Space Cowboys is superb, it’s quality material, we just regret the profusion of chips for such a refined game. The illustrations of Vincent Dutrait are very successful. Its charm lies in its ability to create a joyful and engaging experience through colorful illustrations and a well-crafted theme, transporting players to the atmosphere of the markets of India. The simplicity of its rules makes it a game accessible to everyone, even for beginners, making it a great choice for two-player parties. Its moderate playtime also makes it an ideal option for a fast and fun game. We come out with the desire to fight it out and we cry revenge! Jaipur is a classic that deserves a place in the toy library of any board game enthusiast.

Jaipur is available from our partner:

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