Jason Schreier is fed up with tipsters and announces Starfield for 2022


Jason Schreier is fed up with tipsters and announces Starfield for 2022

The more the days pass, the more the predictions around Starfield intensify. It is to believe that it is with the one which will have the largest ball… of crystal.

In a series of tweets dated May 20, the famous Jason Schreier has also played the game “vision of the future” except that, unlike the others, Schreier shows himself categorical in his speech.

Well actually no, since Mark Medina did the same thing. Who is telling the truth? That’s the big question and we’ll leave it to you to answer after reading Schreier’s tweet which tells us this:

Let me make this very clear: Bethesda’s plan is to tease a release date for Starfield at E3. That date is in *late* 2022. I’ll leave the specifics to them. But please keep your expectations in check and refrain from sending death threats when the other rumors turn out to be false

—Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) May 20, 2021

Let me be very clear: Bethesda’s plan is to reveal a release date for Starfield at E3. This date will take us towards the end of 2022. I leave it to the “experts” to give you the other details. That said, keep your hopes to yourself and avoid sending me death threats when all the other rumors have proven false.

This publication resulted in several exchanges with various Internet users, the content of which is as follows:

Given Bethesda’s hard commitment to announcing games (or confirming it) at E3 and releasing before the next E3, that suggests they envisage a release before E3 22 (June) at the latest, otherwise they’d just wait until E3 22 to announce it. Is that a reasonable supposition?

—Werthead (@Werthead) May 20, 2021

Werthead: Given that Bethesda is committed to announcing (or confirming) its games at E3 and releasing them before E3 the following year, then that suggests that they consider a release before E3 2022 at the latest, otherwise it would mean that they would just wait until E3 2022 to announce it. My guess stands?

Schreier: I would say No.

Werthead: Yet most people announced the date of February 22, 2022 is not it? I don’t understand where you are coming from.

Schreier: I’m just saying that the release of the game will take place much later than what everyone announces.

Let’s be real, Microsoft didn’t buy Zenimax to release games on PlayStation

—Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) May 20, 2021

Nathan: Do you know if this is an Xbox exclusive?

Schreier: Be realistic, Microsoft did not buy Zenimax to release games on PlayStation.

Not tender with his interlocutors the Schreier all the same, but we will soon see if his words are true.

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