Kansas to redesign its new 2024 license plates after hundreds complain about its colors resembling other states

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Kansas to redesign its new 2024 license plates after hundreds complain about its colors resembling other states

Kansas Department of Revenue/AP

An illustration showing the design of a new license plate that Kansas planned to begin issuing next year.


Kansas is going back to the drawing board after hundreds of people criticized the state’s new license plate design for next year, with many saying it looked like those in other states and a rival state university in neighboring Missouri.

“I heard you loud and clear,” Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly said in a statement Tuesday. “Elected officials need to listen to their constituents, which is why we’re adjusting the process so Kansans can directly contribute to our state’s next license plate. »

One of the main criticisms is that the colors of the design – wheat yellow background with black and dark blue text – were too similar to the color scheme of the University of Missouri, rival of the University of Kansas, according to the spokesperson. word from the governor, Brianna Johnson.

Asked about the plate covered in colors used by the University of Missouri, Johnson responded in an email: “Technically the colors were navy blue and yellow with black numbers (not the Mizzou colors), but on social media , everything seemed black. »

Meanwhile, the governor’s Facebook post announcing the design on November 22 received comments criticizing the design’s lack of originality.

“Please give us Kansans the opportunity to choose from a few designs that are unique and reflect our Kansas pride. Why would any of us want Mizzou colors on our plates? This design is very uninspired, IMO. I would be embarrassed to display this design on my car. This just doesn’t cut the mustard (pun intended!),” one user commented on the post.

Others said the design was similar to that of the New York plate, while others said the two stars on either side of the plate number were too similar to those on some Texas plates.

“New York copy, Mizzou colors. Stars from Texas. It couldn’t be much worse. Please don’t force this on the taxpayers. Get public and professional feedback on the design and try again,” one Facebook user wrote in a comment under the same post.

And that’s exactly what state officials are doing. The Kansas Department of Revenue has suspended production of license plates and will create a process to receive public input before selecting a final design, the governor’s office said in a statement. Kansans will have the chance to vote on a design.

“We wanted to address the concerns of Kansans, which is why we are adjusting the process now,” Johnson said.

As of Tuesday evening, some social media users were already sharing model plates in the comments section when the governor announced the change.

The original design paid homage to the state motto “ad astra per aspera,” a Latin phrase meaning “through adversity to the stars.” Below the plate number, the words “to the stars” appear in italics.

“It reminds us that there are endless possibilities and that we must always reach for the stars,” the governor said in the Nov. 22 release announcing the design.

But that’s not how many Kansas residents saw it.

In addition to many strong responses on social media, state lawmakers also heard from their constituents, Johnson said.

“I promised to be a bipartisan governor, and I think we can all admit: I was able to bring Kansans together on the other side of the political aisle to not like this new license plate”,Kelly said Tuesday.

The governor’s office plans to announce more details on next steps, including license plate design options and the voting process.

CNN’s Aya Elamroussi contributed to this report.

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Kansas to redesign its new 2024 license plates after hundreds complain about its colors resembling other states - 1

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