LoL Arena gets huge nerfs in LoL patch 13.15


LoL Arena gets huge nerfs in LoL patch 13.15

LoL Arena mode will be getting huge nerfs in the upcoming 13.15 patch, and fans aren’t happy about it. Especially a nerf infuriates many players.

The new League of Legends patch 13.15 not only brings buffs, nerfs, and various changes for champions and items. It also brings some quality of life changes, as described by Riot’s development team. One of those changes has to do with the new LoL Arena mode and how XP is earned for Event Pass progression.

The community is far from satisfied. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

LoL Arena Players Upset Over Event Pass Progression Changes

The new Arena mode might be one of the most played game modes in League of Legends. However, with the first patch, some changes were made to the Arena, and one of these changes sparked outrage within the game’s community as it affects progression through the Event Pass.

Quality of life changes? Nerfing how much EXP you earn for Pass Token missions in ARENA is good for who exactly?

—Bess (@BessWisty) August 1, 2023

Riot Games called it a quality of life change and further explained it on Twitter.

In the latest patch notes, we included a change to the number of Battle Pass Points players could earn in Arena. Last patch, points were calculated based on placement and duration, but a bug caused 3rd and 4th place teams to receive the same number of points as the 2nd place team. 1/3

— League of Legends Development Team (@LoLDev) August 4, 2023

As you can imagine, tampering with player rewards might not be the best idea, and judging by community reactions, this action hasn’t been well received. The fact that placements now determine progression rather than playtime is particularly criticized, meaning that inexperienced or “less skilled” players will take longer to earn their rewards.

Some community members question the reasoning behind these changes. For example, Twitter user “Drewcifer” wrote,

Not a good way to promote a new ngl game mode. Like what the real f**** does it matter how fast someone progresses through the event pass if they still get your money buying it anyway????

And user “Geraf25” jokingly remarked, “”.

The community reaction is completely understandable as there doesn’t seem to be a clear reason why Riot Games would make such a change, other than to potentially force players to spend more time in the new game mode and play to more Arena games.

It is unlikely that dedicated players will not enjoy and play the mode even without rewards for it. ARAM is a prime example of this, as in this mode players gain nothing but levels and some Event Pass progression.

Whether Riot will respond to the criticism remains to be seen, but the odds are slim. Only time will tell if Arena Mode will benefit from the quality of life changes and attract more players, extending their playing time to earn rewards.

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