LoL Arena Tier List for LoL Patch 13.24


LoL Arena Tier List for LoL Patch 13.24

Excellent news, Arena is back! This time we’re moving away from the same old overpowered and, coincidentally, boring champions and introducing some new faces. Plus, we introduce real statistics, providing a more concrete understanding of what’s effective, even if it may take some of the fun out of finding out for yourself.

Ionia Arena Arena Mode Lol

Arena just returned and we’re just as excited as you are. When Arena first released, Shaco, Heimerdinger, and Teemo were dominant, but Riot shook up the entire Meta. The full tier list was compiled using statistics.

LoL Arena – The best champions

3. Gallium

Gallium was freshly buffed this patch and this obviously also affected his strength in Arena. He is sitting at a win rate of 57.71% right away. This is lower than it should be though, as the AP version isn’t as popular, but it is much stronger than the tank version.

Dragon Guard Gallio

Object construction

Guardian’s Orb → Sorcerer’s Boots → Night Reaper → Rabadon’s Headdress → Horizon Focus → Void Staff → Curse of the Bloodthirsty

Best juice

Haste Juice

Best partners

Illaoi, Trundle, Gragas, Jhin, Samira

2. Gragas

Gragas also received some buffs in version 13.24. The Drunk Man is our number two with the second highest win rate in 59.51%. If you want to have a fun time, Gragas is always a good choice.

Gragas lol oktoberfest

Object construction

Guardian’s Orb → Sorcerer’s Boots / Ionian Boots of Insight → Night Reaper → Lich’s Bane → Rabadon’s Headdress → Horizon Focus → Void Staff

Best juice

Haste Juice / Vitality Juice

Best partners

Trundle bed, Pyke, Zed, Samira, Fiora

1. Trundle bed

Truckle bed, the first member of this Top 3, has not been improved in the current patch. However, he received buffs in the previous one. The King of Trolls is also the King of the Arena, with an absolutely massive win rate of 61.3%.

Dragon Slayer Trundle Bed

Object construction

Guardian’s Hammer → Mercury Boots / Plated Steel Caps → Trinity Force → Blade of the Ruined King → Hatchet of Hellfire → Guardian Angel → Chains of Anathema

Best juice

Haste Juice

Best partners

Gragas, Veigar, Syndra, Annie, Kayn

Our full tier list

Arena 13 24

Varus can be really good with his AP build. Since it’s not good anywhere else right now, Arena is your chance to try it again.

Also, Yuumi is level F, but the combination of Leona and Yuumi is absolutely disgusting and has a 68% win rate. But don’t play it in my games. Please.

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