LoL Dragonmancer Skins 2024: Champions, release date and…


LoL Dragonmancer Skins 2024: Champions, release date and…

Riot is going all-in for the Year of the Dragon. The first skins of 2024 will only be part of the Dragonmancer skin line, so let’s see all the champions and how much these skins will cost.

The Dragonmancer Vayne

The year of the dragon is upon us. While there’s no news on the next League of Legends champion, which will likely be a little dragon, we’re getting some epic dragon-themed skins to kick off the 2024 League of Legends season.

Riot brings us back to the Dragonmancer universe, but which champions will receive these legendary skins? Let’s check them.

LoL Dragonmancer Skins: All Champions Get Skins

The Dragonmancer skin line is fun and unique, but this time around we’re only getting a small patch for skins, with only four champions receiving skins. However, we get the first prestige of the year in this skin line!

  • Friend Dragonmancer
    • Dragonmancer Friends Prestige Edition
  • Fiora, the ancient dragoness
  • The Dragonmancer Kassadin
  • The Dragonmancer Vayne

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Rakan gets his second skin without Xayah this patch and his first prestige. This probably won’t be a prestige event, so it will be a showcase of skins with prestige available in the Mythic Shop to kick off LoL Season 14.

League of Legends: how much will the new Dragonmancer skins cost?

Fiora Dragonmancer

The skins will all be 1350 RP, since each of them is classified as an Epic skin. There’s no legendary skin in the pack this time around, but after the big winter event, as well as the global event, that’s to be expected.

We will, however, get a prestige, which should be available for 100 mythic essences in the mythic store for LoL patch 14.1.

When will the new LoL Dragonmancer skins be released?

These skins will arrive with the first patch of 2024. They will be released with LoL patch 14.1 which is scheduled to release on January 9, 2024. The first patch of the year is usually just a small patch for skins, but the Dragonmancer skins always slap.

So, are you ready for the new season of League of Legends and the upcoming skins? When will Riot release the cute little dragon we were promised in the fall?

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