The 2022 Asian Games are set to kick off soon, but it looks like the League of Legends tournament is turning into more of a joke than anything with specific rules and formats.

The 2022 Asian Games are fast approaching. The event is scheduled to start on September 23 and end on October 8, 2023. This year, League of Legends esports will be a medal-winning event and the stakes are higher than ever for some players.

This event could help solidify esports in the mainstream, but some of the decisions that have been made regarding the esports portion of League of Legends have fans wondering if the sport is even taken seriously by the organizers.

LoL Asian Games 2022: problems with the patch

The 19th Asian Games Sports Technical Manual has been released, in which fans can read and familiarize themselves with the rules of the sports that will be played at the event.

It also gives players the opportunity to revise if necessary. In the manuals, it is also revealed which patch of League of Legends the tournament will be played on. As with most leagues, only one patch, even if new patches are released, will be used for a tournament.

For example, LoL patch 12.18 was the Worlds 2022 patch even though patch 12.19 was released when the tournament started. Well, the patch for Asian Games 2022 will be LoL patch 13.12.

According to the 19th Asian Games Sports Technical Manual for ESPORTS, League of Legends matches will be played on patch 13.12.

The LPL was playing at 13.12 in the final three weeks of the Summer Season Regular Split (June 26-July 17).#LPL #AsianGames

— LPL Fanclub (@LPLfanclub) September 5, 2023

Wait what? This is a patch that the LPL used for the last three weeks of the summer season, which means it’s a patch from around June and July.

This has upset some fans, as the meta has changed drastically since then and many players have been playing on a completely different patch throughout their playoffs and will have to play on a completely different patch at Worlds 2023.

  • ready for the 2023 Worlds.

Problems with the 2022 Asian Games format

Another problem is the format. It has been revealed that the Round of 16 format will be best of three until the final. Many fans believe this is the wrong way to go for such a big event, with many wishing that at least the quarter-finals, semi-finals and grand final were the best of the five series.

Fans have expressed their dislike of the format, but we’ll likely have to wait another three years to see if the Asian Games committee makes any changes.

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