LoL Patch 13.24: The start of the arena ends in disaster, a riot…


LoL Patch 13.24: The start of the arena ends in disaster, a riot…

LoL patch 13.24 is out and with it we have the new champion Hwei, as well as the return of Arena to live servers. But things didn’t go as planned.

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LoL patch 13.24 was released on December 6, 2023 and just one day after the entire League of Legends client went down. Literally. LoL Ranked was disabled, Arena wouldn’t start, and playing with friends… well, forget it. The entire EUW server was down – I can attest to this since I was trying to play games with friends.

Arena, Hwei, and a new League of Legends event all released on the same day and completely destroyed the League client, leaving many players frustrated and unsatisfied. So what went wrong?

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LoL Patch 13.24: LoL Arena Client, Winterblessed and Hwei Broke

Huawei splash HD

The start of the Arena was somewhat cursed. At first, most players thought the new game mode would be released in patch 13.23, only for it to be 13.24, something Riot failed to communicate properly beforehand. Then, when it was finally time to release the patch, it was delayed for another day, which was also not clearly revealed by Riot.

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Then finally, December 7, 2023 arrived and everyone was able to receive their Saint Nicholas gift a day late. Arena was back, Hwei was finally released and the Winterblessed event was also finally on the live servers. So, players jumped on the LoL client only for it to completely break.

Party and lobby issues in LoL-Client

League of Legends 10 9FPX

Players had to wait to join games with the error code: OR appearing. Simply changing your rune could get you kicked out of a game lobby and penalized for leaving the game in champion select. Trying to form pressure groups with friends also seemed impossible.

Players were also getting kicked out of queue for games, and then joining lobbies also seemed impossible. Restarting the client didn’t help, restarting the entire PC also proved useless as players were once again forced into those long waits.

Let’s also not talk about the fact that the leaderboard is deactivated at some point and it takes hours to reactivate it…

Arena issues with exit

Launching the arena step by step:
1. Delayed by more than a day.
2. Then finally, but enabled for a few minutes, bugged like crazy.
3. Instantly disabled + categorized also disabled.
4. After about an hour it was reactivated.
5. And now, after about 30 months, Leaderboards and Arena are both disabled again.

– Vandiril (@Vandiril) December 7, 2023

League of Legends content creator Vandiril also highlighted how complicated getting Arena started was. He said the arena lobby interface was extremely wonky and messed up. Players were also kicked out of lobbies, unable to play a game of Arena.

Those who manage to jump into a game have noticed some major bugs. Vandiril even posted an image of a light line in the middle of the field which obstructed the view. This line was Ekko’s liability.

These issues appeared to be extremely severe on the EUNE and EUW servers, with players experiencing issues for hours. This prompted several people to express their frustration on Reddit, asking Riot to finally fix their buggy client, so that future events don’t have catastrophic starts like this. Can you already imagine what the 2024 changes will bring to the game?

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