Overall, the current League of Legends rune system works like a charm. Sometimes there are a few outliers in terms of power level,

If you’ve been playing League of Legends long enough, you’ll definitely have your rune preferences. Do you like playing tanks or snipers? Do you like to play aggressive or more defensive? There is a rune for everyone! While the selection of runes is vast, some aren’t quite to the liking of the majority of the community.

One of these runes is ” Cancellation Orb“. I hope you have at least heard of it! While that doesn’t automatically mean you like using it, I guess… Nullifying Orb is actually one of the least played runes in League of Legends! But why is no one doing it? really try?

Nullifying Orb: The most unpopular League of Legends rune?

For all of you who have never even thought of incorporating the Null Orb into your rune lineup, what does it do? Well, let’s see how Riot describes the rune:

Cancellation Orb
  • If you were to take magic damage that would reduce you below 30% of your maximum health, you first gain a shield that absorbs 35 − 110 (based on level) (+14% bonus AD) (+9% AP) magic damage for 4 seconds.

for the best game quality!

That doesn’t look too bad, does it? Nullifying Orb is a rune that grants you a magic shield when you take damage that would put you below a certain threshold – quite similar to the passive that Maw of Malmortius grants you. But why is it so unpopular?

The Cancellation Orb has got to be the most forgotten rune in the game.
by u/Thomax99 in leagueoflegends

The League of Legends subreddit recently had a discussion on this topic. User ” Thomas99 asked about Nullifying Orb’s status. Even though they didn’t know why no one likes this rune, one user quickly came up with an interesting and understandable version:

The reason it’s so unpopular is because it’s a defensive rune in an aggressive tree. Most people will take determination if they need some defense. Almost all mana users prefer the mana flow web, and most non-mana users don’t take sorcery as their main tree. As a secondary tree, there’s almost never a reason to adopt it over runes like Transcendence, Tempest, etc.


It makes sense, right? Sorcery is a rune tree that provides many offensive abilities. Other options you can choose from besides the Nullification Orb are Band of Mana Flow And Cape Nimbus. The first alternative is great for champions who rely heavily on their abilities and mana: you gain mana every time you hit an enemy champion.

While Nimbus Cloak, a rune that grants you ghost images and bonus movement speed after using a summoner spell, isn’t hugely popular either, Manaflow Band is too awesome not to use it. If you are playing against a champion who benefits from defensive runes, the resolve tree will always be the best option.

Opting for Sorcery as a secondary tree is always possible anyway, but in their current forms, Manaflow Band narrowly outshines Nimbus Cloak and Nullifying Orb. Should Riot perhaps try to rework some forgotten and underused runes?

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