LoL Pre-Season 2024: All the Jungle Changes Coming…


LoL Pre-Season 2024: All the Jungle Changes Coming…

It’s time for pre-season. Of course, this year the preseason will only take place on the PBE, but it’s still exciting to see what Riot has to offer for LoL Season 14.

For the 2024 League of Legends season, Riot wanted to do something big. To make sure the game doesn’t get boring, Riot usually tackles big changes during the preseason and this year they are going all out to make multiple changes to League of Legends Jungle and his monsters.

The top half of the jungle will finally receive some changes to try and make the top section more impactful after ADCs ruled Summoner’s Rift. So let’s see what awaits us for the 2024 pre-season and season 14 of LoL.

LoL Preseason 2024: Changes to Jungle Monsters

With many of these monster and creature changes, Riot is trying to bring more variance from game to game while giving the top lane more agency with better objectives.

Baron Changes in Season 14

Baron is going to get a visual overhaul, as was shown during the Season 14 trailer during the League of Legends World Championship 2023. Baron looks much fiercer and creature-like of supernatural horror, which is what the Void is all about.

But it’s not just a visual overhaul. It will also receive a new pit which can evolve. Baron will have 2 new variants into which he can transform after 20 minutes. Each variation will highlight a different Baron pit.

  • Hunting Baron (Basic Pit)
  • Territorial Baron (wall pit)
  • All-Seeing Baron (Tunnel Shaft)

However, the Baron buff will not change, meaning teams will have the same Baron buff regardless of which Baron appears. The only thing this will affect is the pit and its appearance.

At this time, the elemental rift system is also not expected to have any effect on the Baron’s Pit, meaning that changes in the pit are independent of elemental dragons.

Rift Herald Changes – Void Larvae Overview

During the pre-season, which will only be available on the PBE server this year, we will also benefit from some major adjustments to the Rift Herald. Currently we have “Shelly” and “Shirley”, but in 2024 this will change, as the first Rift Herald is removed from the game and is replaced by a new jungle monster.

Riot will be adding Void Grubs, which will be a brand new objective. There are 3 Void Grubs that will give players bugs for taking towers and objectives.

The Rift Herald will first appear at 14 minutes. Once caught, there will be new use cases. Similar to Nunu’s Snowball, players will now be able to roll the Rift Herald to take turns.

The Void Consumes Summoner’s Rift – New Camps

Not only will we be receiving new monsters with the Void Grubs, but other camps we know and love will also be receiving major changes to Summoner’s Rift that will add more variance to the game and make stealing buffs even more fun.

The Blue Sentinel, Red Brambleback and Rift Scuttlers will receive new powers thanks to the Void. Starting at 20 minutes, the Void will consume some of the camps, recreating them and transforming them into Voidborn Sentinel, Voidborn Brableback, and Voidborn Rift Scuttler.

These goals will be more difficult to achieve, but the reward will be much greater than the usual ones.

LoL Preseason 2024: when will these changes go live?

These are all the major jungle changes that will affect the Rift in LoL Season 14. These changes will go live with the start of the League of Legends season in LoL patch 14.1, which is scheduled to be released on January 9, 2024. Until then, you can already test them on the PBE server.

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