LoL Winterblessed 2023 event: start, Battle Pass and loot


LoL Winterblessed 2023 event: start, Battle Pass and loot

The LoL Winterblessed 2023 event is here and there’s a lot to unpack. Once again we are receiving many new skins, as well as other key rewards. And all of them are part of the event pass, so be sure to check if you want to grab the Battle Pass for all that unique loot.

Camille Prestige, blessed by winter

The League of Legends Worlds 2023 event is over, which means we’ll immediately jump into the next in-game event. This time, we’ll have the Winterblessed 2023 event, which will run throughout the month of December until at the start of the new season of League of Legends.

So, not only will we be able to face the brand new midlane champion Hwei, but we will also be able to collect the last prestige skin of 2023. So, what do we know about the Winterblessed event this year?

LoL Winterblessed 2023 event: start date and duration

Annie, the blessed one of winter

The Winterblessed event will be shorter than the previous event. The 2023 World Cup event lasted more than a month. This time around, we’ll only have a month to complete everything in the pass, so Riot will likely adjust the XP gain in this event compared to the Worlds 2023 event.

The Winterblessed event will begin on December 6, 2023, when the final 2023 patch is also released. Event progression is scheduled to end on January 2, 2024, while the token store will be open until January 8, a day before LoL patch 14.1 releases.

These dates come from a wealth of data, so they can always be adjusted. However, they match the timeline of previous events, so we highly doubt Riot will change things.

LoL Winterblessed 2023 Event Pass and Bundle

Splash Hwei blessed by winter

As usual, we will have several options for event passes. Depending on the option you choose, you will receive various rewards. So are you going to spend a lot of money to buy the Pass or the Premium Pass Bundle?

Luckily, if you’re a little short on RP right now, be sure to grab some extra cash through Prime Gaming with an Amazon Prime account..

Event pass


Winterblessed Pass 2023 1650RP
  • 200 tokens
  • 4 orbs blessed by winter 2023
  • Unlock Winterblessed 2023 Premium Pass rewards
Winterblessed Pass Pack 2023 2650RP
  • 200 tokens
  • 4 orbs blessed by winter 2023
  • Unlock Winterblessed 2023 Premium Pass rewards
  • Camille
  • Winter-Blessed Camille Appearance
  • Camille Blessed by Winter Border Icon and Border
Winterblessed 2023 Premium Pass Pack 3650RP
  • 200 tokens
  • 4 orbs blessed by winter 2023
  • Unlock Winterblessed 2023 Premium Pass rewards
  • Camille
  • Winter-Blessed Camille Appearance
  • Camille Blessed by Winter Border Icon and Border
  • Camille Chroma, blessed with winter
  • Blessed by Winter Emote

The official rewards have not yet been released by Riot Games, but this is what data miners have discovered. In previous event passes, players received 200 tokens and 4 orbs with the battle pass, so we believe that this time Riot will once again offer these rewards to players who purchase the base pass and d other passes.

LoL Winterblessed 2023 Event Pass Rewards

Blessed Winter Senna

Since changing the event track in 2022, Riot has always offered a few milestones open to everyone, even those of you who haven’t decided to purchase the pass. In total, there are 50 Event Pass milestones, 50-55 of which are infinitely repeatable missions.

  • League Shop

    LoL Season 14: all items removed

We doubt Riot will change this, meaning we’ll have the same milestone system for the Winterblessed event with 10 Milestones Also Offering Rewards to Free-to-Play Players and enough tokens to purchase at least one event chroma.

Players will need to reach Milestone 47 to earn 2,000 tokens for the Prestige Winterblessed Camille version, and they will need to at least purchase the Event Pass for 1,650 RP.

LoL Winterblessed Rotating Game Mode – Return of the Arena

Blessed Winter Thresh

Not only are we going to get a lot of in-game rewards, but we’re also going to have a returning game mode for the LoL Winterblessed event this time around. Although Nexus Blitz was fun for Worlds 2023, there were many bugs that bothered players.

For Winterblessed 2023, we will have the return of the popular Arena game mode, which first launched this summer for the Soul Fighter event. New cameos have been added to fit the winter theme and some even believe that Arena will remain a permanent game mode. Whether it will be right after Winerblessed remains to be seen.

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