Lou Jeanmonnot withdraws from Lenzerheide sprint

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Lou Jeanmonnot withdraws from Lenzerheide sprint

Hard blow for Lou Jeanmonnot, who fell ill, who will not compete in the sprint of Lenzerheide scheduled for this Thursday.

The sprint without the world number two

Packages due to illness are piling up at the start of the season. After Chloe Chevalier, Gilonne Guigonnat, Emilien Claude in the French or German ranks Franziska Preuss on the stage ofHochfilzenit’s the turn of Lou Jeanmonnot be struck by the virus circulating in the caravan of the world Cup.

This Monday morning, the Doubiste, world number two behind Ingrid Tandrevold, in fact announced that she had fallen ill. As a result, the Habs have already formalized their package for the sprint from Lenzerheide. She will therefore miss at least two races with the pursuit two days later. The double winner Ostersund is still aiming to get back into shape for the first queens race which will take place on Sunday.

“Three weeks of emotional elevator, which ends with a Covid strike. No sprint for me in Lenzerheide: mission to be operational for the Mass boot. »

Photo credit: Manzoni/NordicFocus

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