Lyon-TFC: Stays drawn, a midfielder lacking impact, Dallinga who spoils… discover the notes from Toulouse

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Lyon-TFC: Stays drawn, a midfielder lacking impact, Dallinga who spoils… discover the notes from Toulouse

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The match of fear between the last and the fifteenth. This Sunday afternoon, TFC was severely beaten at Groupama Stadium by Olympique Lyonnais. The Toulouse team conceded two goals in quick succession, at the half-hour mark, by the same Lacazette before missing a penalty from Thijs Dallinga in added time of the first half. While Alexandre Lacazette will score the hat-trick at the end of the match. Who knew how to shine among the Violets? Who was at fault? “La Dépêche du Midi” takes out the notebook.

LEFTOVERS (4.5/10). A first stop at the Remains – with his foot – in front of Nuamah (18th) before conceding two goals in quick succession (1-0, 25th; 2-0, 29th) over which he can do nothing. Cuff, on the ground, decisive on a cross from Caqueret (51st). Hermetic in front of Lacazette, again (65th). Helpless, to finish, a third time (3-0, 80th).

KAMANZI (4.5). Replacing Desler, the Norwegian alternated between the good (clearance in front of Tagliafico, 7) and the less good (poorly adjusted center, 13).

COAST (4). Strong in front of Moreira (71). Put into orbit by Dönnum, the stopper finds himself at… 9 but loses his face-to-face with the Rhone goalkeeper (73).

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NICOLAISE (4). Less sovereign than usual in the airline sector. Particularly on Lacazette’s first two achievements (25 and 29). Saving intervention in front of Nuamah (61st). Smart on Kadewere (72).

SUAZO (5). Back in the right tempo. It is he who obtains the penalty on a ball pushed back by the Gones defense and an exit in the shins of Anthony Lopes (45+1). Replaced by DIARRA (70e).

SIERRO (5). The captain hasn’t weighed as much as he has lately. Particularly on set pieces: free kick ideally placed too far (16) and corner which does not pass the first post (62) as examples. Good return on Nuamah on the other hand (39). Replaced by CISSOKO (70e).

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ARROWS (5). Rather effective in recovery (he steals an ammunition from Cherki, 20 years old). However, his transmissions were too often done in reverse. Replaced by CASSERES (82e).

SCHMIDT (4.5). Mr. Laser passes. The one he sent from 30m to Dönnum when the score was goalless could have been a jackpot (the Norwegian slightly signaled offside afterwards, 22nd). Otherwise, not enough influence.

DÖNNUM (5). Nice ball lift with his special hook along the touchline (9). Cross shot which lacks precision (57). Propensity also to want to make the decision individually. Replaced by GELABERT (82e).

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DALLINGA (3). His penalty, missed or more precisely pushed back by Anthony Lopes (45+1), was not taken well: not close enough to the amount and not pressed enough. The Batavian will not recover from the match.

MAGRI (3). We haven’t seen him, the Agenais… Too bad, on the occasion of his 9e mandate, it was a match to stand out. Replaced by BEGRAOUI (83e).

Lyon-TFC: Stays drawn, a midfielder lacking impact, Dallinga who spoils… discover the notes from Toulouse - 1

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