During his interview broadcast on the news of TF1 and France 2 on Sunday evening, Emmanuel Macron was questioned about inflation which is eating away at the purchasing power of the French and in particular on the question of fuels whose prices have reached 2 euros per liter the year before. last week. .

The president then invited the government to reintroduce a fuel allowance of up to “100 euros per car per year”, similar to that at the start of the year. If the contours remain to be defined, it will be “limited to workers” who “need to ride” and will not exceed half of the French people who earn the least, he detailed, without specifying a timetable. “It’s relevant, we don’t help households that don’t need it and we don’t help them travel in comfort,” he added, explaining that he had asked the government to develop this system. .

The fuel allowance of 100 euros had benefited 4.3 million people, at a cost of 430 million euros at the start of 2023. These sums are much lower than a general discount which would have cost around 12 billion euros on the basis a discount of 20 cents. per liter for one year. According to Bercy, the sum of 100 euros corresponds to aid of 20 cents per liter for six months for a motorist traveling 12,200 km/year with a vehicle consuming 6.5 liters per 100 km.

In Paris, where it is easy to do without a car, only 9% of people meeting the income and employment criteria requested compensation this year, compared to 88% in Pas de Calais. These are the same orders of magnitude in all rural departments, observes Bercy, who thus believes that the compensation “has achieved its objective”. A couple where two members each have a car will be able to benefit from two allowances if they do not exceed the expected income threshold.

“DIY”, according to the opposition

On BFMTV, Fabien Roussel denounced Emmanuel Macron’s “tinkering” after his interview. The head of the Communist Party is once again calling for “mobilizations” in front of gas stations. “Wages are not going to keep pace with inflation,” he said. What the French want is not income-based aid for those who own a car. What they want is to be able to make a living from their work. »

“DIY” also for the RN deputy Sébastien Chenu: “This system is bogus and superfluous,” said the elected official from Pas-de-Calais, calling for “lowering VAT by 5.5%” on gasoline. For LR boss Eric Ciotti, the president has “not taken the measure of the difficulties that the French face on a daily basis in the decline in purchasing power”.

Fuel sold at cost?

Emmanuel Macron also asked distributors to sell fuel “at cost” and no longer at a loss as the executive had hoped in vain, in a complete step backwards. The authorization to sell at a loss, expected in a text this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers, will ultimately “not be there”. “We keep him as a threat,” the president said.

The Prime Minister “will bring together all the players in the sector this week and ask them to do it at cost,” declared Emmanuel Macron, who recalled that in its 3,500 service stations, TotalEnergies had limited the prices of its fuels to 1.99 euros per hour. liter. “The other distributors are not refiners like Total. For everyone else, we are going to ask the refiners to show us transparency, to see where those who are profiting are and to look for their margins,” he assured.


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