With 12 teams called up to take part in the major league baseball playoffs, according to the format in effect since 2022, the month of September has enough to make fans salivate. We are embarking on the perilous game of predictions!

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The Blue Jays season will be played against the Rays

The fight is fierce in the race for teams recruited in the American League. The Blue Jays are at the heart of this heated battle, but it is understood that the participation or exclusion of the Toronto team will be decided during the last series of the season, from September 29-1.uh October at Rogers Center against the Tampa Bay Rays. Matt Chapman and Bo Bichette, currently injured, will soon be back to help the Jays. Six of the Toronto club’s last nine games on the schedule will be against the Rays. Until then, the four-game series between the Texas Rangers and the Jays, September 11-14 in Toronto, could be particularly interesting. Prediction? Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and his teammates will manage to edge out Rangers and qualify for the playoffs.

Édouard Julien will not be the rookie of the year

Even if he is having an exceptional first season in the major leagues, Quebecer Édouard Julien, of the Minnesota Twins, will not be crowned rookie of the year in the American League. The title will instead go to excellent infielder Gunnar Henderson of the Baltimore Orioles. That’s no disavowal for Julien, who continues to shine with a .280 batting average and .378 on-course attendance. Disciplined, Julien swings on more or less 16% of the balls sent out of the strike zone, which places him first among all major baseball hitters with more than 100 appearances at bat. Where it is more unfortunate for the Quebecer is that he will receive very little recognition for this advanced stat. Boston Red Sox rookies Triston Casas and Masakata Yoshida are also expected to edge him in the votes, as is Cleveland Guardians pitcher Tanner Bibee. The fact that Julien is rarely used against left-handed pitchers has greatly reduced his number of at bats.

Edouard Julien

Getty Images via AFP

Braves-Dodgers in the National final

Regardless of the outcome of the Nationals’ draft run, the Atlanta Braves are well on their way to reaching Major League Baseball’s next Grand Finals. General manager Alex Anthopoulos has built a formidable team. The Braves, who won the World Series in 2021, should be wary of the Los Angeles Dodgers, however. The distractions surrounding pitcher Julio Urias, arrested last weekend and scheduled to appear in court Sept. 27, aren’t helping the Dodgers, but they’re counting on plenty of veterans to deal with the situation. We are betting on the Braves to come out big winners in the National while the contenders are much more numerous in the American League.

Ronald Acuna Jr.: MVP

The battle between the Braves and the Dodgers results in the awarding of individual honors. So, Ronald Acuna Jr. is warming up his for the National League’s Most Valuable Player title. As with an election campaign, finishing a season strong is always a good idea before voting time. The Dodgers’ Mookie Betts was absolutely sensational in August with 51 hits, including 11 home runs, in just 28 games. We’re talking about a .455 batting average for this month. Will Betts also be favored by decision makers because he operates in the large Los Angeles market? The performance of the two players during the month of September will be proof of this. Prognosis: the title will go to… Acuna fils! The Braves outfielder has so far 32 home runs, 123 runs scored and 63 stolen bases.

Ronald Acuna Jr.

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The Twins will hold out

Beyond recognition among the best recruits, Édouard Julien is more focused on the championship of the central division of the American League that the Twins are eyeing. This is the only way for the formation of Minnesota to ensure its participation in the playoffs. To get there, the Twins must maintain their position ahead of the Cleveland Guardians in the standings. They will achieve this to win a third section title in five years, after those obtained in 2019 and 2020, each time ahead of Cleveland. What if Julien and the Twins faced the Blue Jays in a short series 2 on 3? Far from impossible.


He is the first overall pick in the 2023 Major League Baseball draft.

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