Major League Baseball: catastrophic debut for this Reds pitcher


Major League Baseball: catastrophic debut for this Reds pitcher

The dream turned into a nightmare for Cincinnati Reds pitcher Lyon Richardson on Sunday.

Early in his major league baseball career, the 23-year-old gunner saw the first two balls he pitched go out of bounds, a “feat” not seen in 50 years. Obviously, this is a feat that Richardson would have liked not to achieve.

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“There wasn’t much I could tell myself except to go with a third (throw). To move on and keep attacking,” the right-hander said after a 6-3 loss to the Washington Nationals.

Richardson also denied succumbing to the nervousness that accompanies his debut in the best baseball league in the world.

“There’s always nervousness, but I’ve always been good at dealing with it,” said the man whose comments were reported by Major League Baseball’s website. It wasn’t necessarily nervousness that made me give up the tubes; it was me. I was good. »

short day

Richardson, considered the Reds’ 25th-best prospect, was recalled from AAA level on the same day. He recovered after the two long balls he allowed, but still suffered defeat. He finished his game having allowed four earned runs on as many hits in three short innings of work. He also gave up three free passes and had two strikeouts.

“Now is not the time to rate a pitcher when his first two pitches turn into a home run,” Reds manager David Bell said. I don’t think there is much to learn from this. However, we can find out more about how he fared afterwards.

According to Elias Sports Bureau, which archives individual pitches since the 1999 campaign, no gunner has experienced Richardson’s nightmare in the majors. Miami Marlins flush holder Sandy Rosario, however, gave up two homers on his first three career pitches in a duel against the Milwaukee Brewers in 2010.


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