Galaxy Books are receiving a significant Windows 11 update, introducing a series of innovative new features.

Microsoft’s latest announcement has sparked significant interest among Windows 11 users. New features, ranging from an AI assistant to a complete overhaul of some iconic apps, are now available for Galaxy Books and other Windows 11 devices.

Key new features of this Windows 11 update

Windows Copilot

Microsoft’s Copilot, powered by artificial intelligence, is presented in the form of a sidebar. This wizard is designed to make many tasks easier, such as modifying images or rearranging windows. It can even create themed montages from your gallery.

Microsoft Paint revisited

The Paint application gets a makeover with support for layers, offering more editing possibilities. A standout feature is the Cocreator, which generates artwork based on your descriptions.

Windows 11 Ink Anywhere

This feature improves pen usage. Allowing you to write in any text box. The system then recognizes the handwriting to convert it into text.

Modernized File Explorer

The File Explorer interface has been redesigned to integrate harmoniously with the overall design of the OS. Plus, a new Gallery feature makes it easier to access your photos.

Improved Windows Backup

Windows Backup now makes it easier to transition to a new computer, retaining settings and pinned apps from the old device.

Enhanced Photos app

The widely used Photos app is getting new features, like background blurring and extracting text from images.

Other Windows 11 updates

Other apps, such as Snipping Tool, Clipchamp and Notepad, have also been updated. To learn more, visit the official Microsoft blog.

Empowering you to create faster, complete tasks with ease, and lessen your cognitive load. Introducing Copilot in Windows 11 #MicrosoftEvent

— Windows (@Windows) September 21, 2023

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