We meet in this article on Campustech to talk about Diablo 4 and more specifically the boss Uber Lilith. You have probably already met her, this young lady is not the most welcoming, rated 1 star on Air’b’n’slash. That’s why I’m here today to give you a detailed guide to killing it without exploiting a bug. A guide for real g@mers with an at in place of the a, who like a challenge!

How do you know if you’re ready for Uber Lilith?

Before you want to face the boss, you have to make sure you are ready. This is no easy feat and if you’re not, you’re going to waste time unnecessarily. So how do you know if your build is suitable for killing Uber Lilith? The first thing to check is your DPS. If during the first phase, you take more than 20 to 30 seconds to halve her life, that means you don’t have enough power to defeat her.

In terms of resistance, you must be able to withstand at least one blood orb during the second phase. If you can’t survive this attack, it will be very difficult to avoid all the orbs, making the task that much more difficult. Remember to equip yourself with elixirs of life and damage to increase your chances of survival and victory.

Managing phase 1 attacks

Once you’re ready to take on Uber Lilith, you need to know how to deal with her attacks. During the first phase, it mainly uses two types of waves. It is essential to follow a simple rule: as soon as it disappears, place yourself at the bottom left or bottom right of the screen (avoid the upper corners for better visibility).

The waves launched by Lilith always follow the same direction if you always place yourself in the same place. This trains you to dodge his attacks. If she throws the waves in the same direction, simply place yourself behind one of them to avoid her. On the other hand, if the waves are crossed, try to get behind a wave on the sides or dodge inside if you can.

Managing Phase 2 Attacks

The second phase is undoubtedly the most complicated, especially if you do not want to take advantage of the bug that prevents Lilith from launching her attacks. In this phase, Lilith will start by destroying pieces of land. It’s essential to have enough damage to be able to hit her like a nag in this phase.

After destroying the terrain, it will move north. Take advantage of this moment to deal maximum damage while avoiding blood orbs sent by pustules. Do not return to the main platform at this time to avoid a deadly attack, be careful!

The final fight

The final fight against Uber Lilith requires good timing and strategy. If you failed to get her to one hit point at the end of phase 2, pay close attention to her shadow claw attack, which deals a ton of damage.

Uber Lilith is undoubtedly one of the most difficult bosses in Diablo 4, but with practice and a good strategy, you will defeat her without having to take advantage of any bugs. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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