MAP: What are the hottest cities in France?


MAP: What are the hottest cities in France?

The summer of 2023 continues to break records for hot temperatures as July was the hottest on record on the planet.

Unsurprisingly, the south of France and the island of Corsica had the hottest temperatures, but some cities are hotter than others.

The state-funded French news site France Info analyzed temperature data from Météo France between 1991 and 2020 to find cities that are consistently the hottest, using readings from the city’s weather station.


They averaged the summer readings to give a ‘normal’ summer temperature – including daytime and nighttime temperatures. Also included are the hottest temperatures on record and the average number of days per year that the city records temperatures above 30°C.

As you might expect, the hottest cities are in the southeast of the country, mostly along the Mediterranean coast or on the island of Corsica.

The hottest city in France is Marignane, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, which has an average summer temperature of 24.5°C (including daytime and nighttime readings) and a record temperature of 39.7°C. On average, there are more than 46 days a year when the temperature is above 30°C.

Hottest cities

  • Marignane – average summer temperature – 24.5C, record temperature – 39.7C, average number of days above 30C per year – 46.8
  • Perpignan – average 23.7, record 42.4, days above 30C – 32.4
  • Béziers – average 23.5, record 40.4, days above 30C 31.6
  • Sète – average 23.4, record 40.4, days above 30C 18.6
  • Montpellier – average 23.5, record 43.4, days above 30C 31.5
  • Nîmes – average 23.7, record 44.1, days above 30C 44.3
  • Avignon – average 23.8, record 42.8, days above 30C 53.4
  • Orange – average 23.5, record 42.6, days above 30C 49.1
  • Carpentras – average 23.4, record 44.3, days above 30C 58
  • Salon de Provence – average 23.1, record 43.4, days above 30C 46
  • Istres – average 24, record 44.3, days above 30C 44.9
  • Ile du Levant – average 23.3, record 38.3, days above 30C 15.4
  • Le Luc average 23.9, record 42.7, days above 30C 62.4
  • Nice average 23.3, record 37.7, days above 30C 8

There are also eight cities on the island of Corsica which make it the hottest category.

For France Info’s full interactive map (in French) of the 50 hottest cities in France, click here.

If you’re not a fan of hot temperatures, there are plenty of places in France that enjoy a cooler climate.

From mountains to northern regions, from lakes to caves, here are 6 of the coolest places in France.


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