Married Pennsylvania cop faces trumped-up charges for ‘inappropriately incarcerating his ex in a mental health facility’ after shocking 12-minute arrest video and allegedly said: ‘I’m going to paint you as a mad “

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Married Pennsylvania cop faces trumped-up charges for ‘inappropriately incarcerating his ex in a mental health facility’ after shocking 12-minute arrest video and allegedly said: ‘I’m going to paint you as a mad “

Pennsylvania State Police trooper faces strangulation and false imprisonment charges after allegedly detaining his ex-girlfriend in a ‘wrestling-style hold’ and committing her to a mental health facility under false allegations.

Ronald Keith Davis, 37, was arrested on September 21. He is accused of having abused his authority to imprison against his will his girlfriend with whom he has been in a medical establishment for four months.

The officer, who is married with children, requested an involuntary mental health placement for the woman after alleging she was suicidal, according to a probable cause affidavit.

On Monday, August 21, Davis sought help from his colleagues and reported that the woman – mentioned by MF by the prosecutor, but whose full name was disclosed in the affidavit – was living in an RV on his property .

The officer said they did not get along well and “their relationship had deteriorated.”

In a probable cause affidavit, the Pennsylvania State Trooper allegedly abused his power as a police officer to have the woman incarcerated following false allegations of suicide.

The video released by the prosecutor’s office shows the moment he pinned down the woman in an attempt to apprehend her.

The woman repeatedly tells him she can’t breathe, as Davis puts her in a “wrestling-style hold.”

He claimed he was not allowing the woman to collect her belongings from the property because she was acting erratically.

To prove his point, he posted several text messages, including ones saying “I think I’m going to fall off a cliff” and “My mental health doesn’t matter, I’m a stupid old piece of and without unnecessary instruction.” ‘

Ronald Keith Davis, 37, is accused of strangling his girlfriend before committing her to a psychiatric facility under false pretenses

As advised by state police, Davis contacted county officials with his police email account and identified himself as a trooper to obtain an involuntary commitment order. He was not on duty at the time.

While he was requesting this order, police were sent to conduct a welfare check on the victim. They checked three different places but couldn’t find her.

According to the affidavit, Davis took the form, said, “I’ll take care of it myself” and left the police station.

Aided by a “civilian companion,” he then followed the woman to the Pennsylvania State Game Lands in the Weiser State Forest and attempted to carry her to his car before she began to fight back.

The video released by the prosecutor’s office shows the victim, who is streaked with dirt and nearly half the size of the soldier, almost breaking free from his grip.

As she tries to get up, Davis pulls her legs and forces her to the ground. She punches him in an attempt to push him away, but Davis captures her in a “wrestling-style hold”.

She repeatedly told the man she couldn’t breathe, the affidavit states.

When police arrived, the victim’s injuries were documented and she was taken to Lehigh Valley-Schuykill Hospital for evaluation.

He applied for an involuntary commitment order and showed text messages to police stating “My mental health doesn’t matter, I’m a stupid, useless old, uneducated piece of ”.

After getting the order, he followed the woman to a wooded area and attempted to carry her to his car. Police attempted a welfare check, but were unable to reach the woman before he did.

The woman was jailed for five days, but told police a harrowing story once released, detailing ongoing abuse during their four-month relationship.

She revealed text messages in which she described being excluded from her caravan and not having access to “hygiene, sustenance and comfort of life”.

Then police questioned Davis.

He reiterated that the woman had made comments via text message “that she has nothing to live for, that she is a worthless piece of and that she is going to end it,” according to the affidavit. He added that she would not answer his calls.

However, he did not discuss the “control methods” used on his ex-girlfriend, who suffered injuries to her forehead, torso, back, buttocks, forearms, knees and lower back. body.

The affidavit said she appeared to “genuinely not understand why she was being held back.”

MF was detained for an initial 72 hours upon arrival at the hospital. An officer contacted the hospital to verify whether the involuntary mental health commitment was being honored by the facility and learned that it was.

The woman was detained for two additional days. She expressed no suicidal thoughts during the week she was detained.

On August 26, the woman was released and questioned by police, but she gave a very different version of the story.

In his interview, MF indicated the incident stemmed from a domestic dispute on Aug. 19, according to the affidavit. She described a four-month tangle marked by “divergent ideological views and differences in relationship roles.”

She said that during their relationship, Davis repeatedly threatened her, saying “I know you’re not crazy, I’m going to paint you as crazy” and “I know the law.”

She also cited recent examples of power imbalances, including having the power cut off to the RV where she was living and being barred from accessing her personal belongings.

As the relationship began to unravel, MF made statements about starting over in a city and “could sense a confrontation developing” because Davis “needed to maintain power and control,” according to documents.

On August 28, she allowed agents to photograph her text conversations with Davis. As the couple contended, Davis “continued to make derogatory remarks,” including comments about drug testing and that the woman was not employable.

In the messages, MF also described being excluded from her trailer and not having access to “hygiene, sustenance and comfort of life,” according to the affidavit.

After reading the messages, police alleged that Davis “failed to provide the full context of these messages” when he attempted to have the woman committed.

“In fact, the text messages were the culmination of a larger domestic dispute between him and the victim,” the affidavit states.

» Taken in context, the texts revealed her frustration with Private Davis and his controlling behavior (and desire to break off the relationship), not an actual desire to harm herself. “

The criminal complaint accuses Davis of “knowingly or intentionally observing the breathing or circulation of blood of another person by applying pressure to the throat or neck.”

It states that he restrained her “under circumstances exposing said other person to a risk of serious bodily injury” and, in doing so, acted in violation of Pennsylvania Criminal Code Section 2902(a)(1). , which refers to “unlawful restraint”. ‘

Davis was charged with felony strangulation, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, simple assault, recklessly endangering another and official oppression.

He was remanded in custody without bail following his arraignment on September 21.

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