• To enable the recycling of residents’ bio-waste, several metropolises are opting for “voluntary drop-off points”, terminals where you can come and throw away your peelings and leftover meals.
  • As in Lyon or Strasbourg, these new types of bins are arriving in large numbers in the different districts of Nantes. And on the sidewalks, “you can’t miss them”.

One was fixed to the ground at the entrance to a residence, two others near the bus stop, three others at the end of the street… For several weeks, residents of the Doulon-Bottière district in Nantes have seen growth hundreds of new trash cans on the sidewalks. “Ah, there are them everywhere,” confirms Laurianne, who counted no less than eight on the short journey back. Given their size, you can’t miss them. But at least there’s enough to contain a few peels! »

While the law requires communities to offer a bio-waste sorting solution to their residents from January 1, 2024, things are changing in certain large cities. In Nantes and in several metropolises, rather ahead of the question and therefore particularly observed, it is the solution of “voluntary drop-off points” which was chosen for the different districts, outside the city center.

By spring 2024, nearly 2,500 white and brown pedal bins will be deployed across the four corners of the City of Dukes to receive food leftovers from residents, who produce 45 kg per year. “It’s not very beautiful, but it could be interesting,” judges a resident who crosses Rue du Croissant. As with everything, we’ll get used to it! » In Lyon, the movement is the same: the thousandth terminal has just been inaugurated, with the objective of quickly doubling.

One collector for 50 homes

In testing for several years in Nantes Nord, the system has already proven itself. According to Mahel Coppey, vice-president in charge of waste at Nantes Métropole, four tonnes are already collected each week in this district and then sent to a composting platform in Vallet, in the Nantes vineyards. And sorting errors would be minimal (around 5%), hence the desire to generalize the service, and to further strengthen the network, even if this may seem excessive.

“We started with a supply point for 65 households, but for a real useful and local service, we moved to a supply point for 50 households,” we explain in the Nantes metropolis. The signage is deliberately marked so that they are noticed, so that residents can benefit from this new gesture. The locations were chosen for their visibility while respecting fairly strict installation rules, so as not to obstruct pedestrian traffic, for example. » For comparison, in the metropolis of Strasbourg, 1,800 collectors will be installed by 2025, at a rate of one for around 300 inhabitants.

To help convert the people of Nantes, airtight buckets accompanied by a short guide are distributed (or available in the town halls concerned) by the agents, which will allow you to keep your peelings at home before throwing them all away. ‘a breath. The community also wants to be reassuring about the “anti-parasite system” installed at the bottom of the skips, which will be emptied once a week and “cleaned regularly”, particularly in summer.

Across the city, food waste represents a potential source of 29,000 tonnes per year. The cost of collecting this bio-waste (calculated from the experiment carried out in Nantes-Nord) is 11 euros per year and per inhabitant.

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