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Read it transcription of our interview with Sam Altman.

Last week we interviewed Sam Altman. Since then, well, everything has changed. The board of directors of OpenAI, maker of ChatGPT, fired Altman as chief executive on Friday. Over the weekend, it looked like he might return. On Sunday evening, Microsoft hired Altman to lead a new AI company. Who knows what will happen next.

Today, an update on a crazy weekend in tech, and our interview with Sam Altman.


“Hard Fork” is hosted by Kevin Roose and Casey Newton and produced by Davis Land and Rachel Cohn. The show is edited by Jen Poyant. Engineering by Rowan Niemisto and original music by Dan PowellMarion Lozano and Rowan Niemisto.

Special thanks to Paula Szuchman, Pui-Wing Tam, Nell Gallogly, Kate LoPresti and Jeffrey Miranda.

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