Capcom has announced that a major quality of life update is now available for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection on all platforms. The update brings several tweaks and bug fixes to improve the overall player experience in Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection.

Patch notes for the new Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection update are available below, via Capcom:

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Quality of Life Update

Switch Nintendo / PlayStation 4 / Steam
  • Settings
    • A “MegaMan Voice” option has been added to the language settings.
    • A new border (black) has been added.
  • MMBN 1-6
    • Online Battle custom screen time limit changed to 30 seconds.
    • Fixed errors in in-game messages for Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
  • MBN 3-6
    • Fixed an issue where comparing libraries caused issues with the status and display of the PA Memo record.
  • MBN 4 & 6
    • Fixed an issue where using WindRack on an opponent during an online battle at a specific time would force them off-screen.
  • MBN 5 & 6
    • Fixed an issue where performing certain actions on the custom screen would cause part of that screen to remain visible even after the next turn has started.
  • MBN1
    • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when connecting to the Power Plant under certain conditions.
  • MBN 4
    • Fixed an issue where speaking in the waiting room to a Navi with certain characters in their entry name would cause an error.
    • Fixed an issue where fulfilling certain conditions in the battle against ShadeMan SP would cause unexpected behavior.
    • Fixed an issue where activating AntiRecv with certain bullets in an online battle would cause the skill to deal more damage than intended.
  • MBN 5
    • Fixed an issue where unnatural imaging and performance drops would occur in Drill Comp 4.
    • Fixed an issue where unnatural behavior would occur when talking to NPCs, after searching for mysterious data, etc. at some point in history.
  • MBN 6
    • Fixed an issue where pressing the exit button while riding a cloud in MrWeathrComp or Pavilion Comp 3 would cause the player to fall out of the cloud.
    • Fixed an issue in online battles where, depending on network strength, crosses and spent tokens were available again at the start of the round.
    • Fixed an issue where the initial reward for completing a Virus Battle when playing in English differed from that obtained when playing in Japanese and Traditional/Simplified Chinese.
    • Fixed an issue where performing certain actions after setting Swordy in a Virus Battle would trigger a performance hit.
PlayStation 4
  • MBN 3
    • Fixed an issue where acquiring “Wanna Trade BugFrags?” trophy at a specific time would prevent the same trophy from being acquired on PlayStation 4.

Lately, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Sales Exceed 1.42 Million Units

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