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Published on 20 November 23 at 7:00 p.m.

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This is a problem for almost 80,000 daily users of the metro line B has Rennes since Saturday November 18, 2023 and total interruption traffic due to fire.

This second line, whose reliability is among “the best in the world”, has unfortunately just experienced its first major breakdown, a little over a year after its inauguration.

Relay buses initially…

The company Keolisin charge of operating the public transport network (STAR) on behalf of the Metropolis, therefore found itself faced with an unprecedented dilemma: how to offer an alternative solution to users of line B?

The first response was to quickly implement metro relay bus throughout the day and STAR agents who are there to help travelers.

This solution will still last “several days”, announces Keolis whose priority is to find a temporary solution to restart line B.

Ronan Kerloc’h, general manager of Keolis, “fell out of his closet”, in his words, when he learned of the problem. He speaks toRennes news.

News: What else do you know about this fire?

Ronan Kerloc’h:
The fire broke out in an electrical supply room at the Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande la Maltière garage-workshop. This is where trains arrive for maintenance.

Trains can no longer run and traffic is impossible. We now know that the cause of this fire was unintentional. Its origin is accidental.

Concerning the damage, it is significant. We are still analyzing and understanding the problem. This means that we are not at the repair stage yet. This is why we are working on an alternative solution.

Can you tell us more about this alternative solution?

: We are working with Siemens (the manufacturer) on a new architecture which would make it possible to electrify the circuit again and thus allow the metro to circulate normally. The entire line would be affected by this alternative solution.

What are the next steps for this alternative solution?

: Right now we are working on it. We build the architecture. Once built, this solution will require validation from several stakeholders, notably the State, before it can be used.

What if this solution doesn’t work?

: In all cases, we are considering an increase in the number of metro relay buses to strengthen transport capacity in Rennes.

Our human resources are fully committed, whether at the level of drivers or STAR network employees in the field. We were forced to recall off-duty drivers. We are also implementing an overtime system.

Do you have any idea of ​​the deadline?

: Difficult to tell you. We don’t have an appointment. What is certain is that line B will remain disrupted for several days. That’s all we can say at this point.

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