Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox branch, spoke to IGN during a podcast about the installation times of Xbox games. According to him, the first games suffered from long installation times because of Microsoft’s first vision which included “Always Online”.

“The changes we had to make with the system being disconnected meant that the installation routines were not as perfect as they could have been” he said before adding that certain third party games are installed more quickly today on Xbox One than on PS4, but that sometimes it is the opposite and in a way “significantly worse”. Microsoft hasn’t yet been able to find the reason for this difference, and Phil Spencer wants their installation system reworked. “Our drive goes the same speed, passing things into memory takes the same time, hard drive speeds are about the same, so what’s going on? » he asks.

Despite the absence of a timetable, he is reassuring: “I see the data and I want us to be exemplary so people can start playing as quickly as possible. It’s at the top of my priorities. I am not defending our situation, because I think that installation times must be shorter”.

And you, are you satisfied with the installation times of your games or do you think like Phil Spencer that Microsoft must make efforts on this subject?

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