Monique Olivier admits “all the facts” with which she is accused during her trial

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Monique Olivier admits “all the facts” with which she is accused during her trial


Monique Olivier, here at the Charleville-Mézières courthouse in May 2008.

JUSTICE – “I admit all the facts. » Monique Olivier, tried since Monday before the Hauts-de-Seine Assize Court for complicity in the kidnappings and murders of Joanna Parrish, Marie-Angèle Domèce and Estelle Mouzin, did not hesitate to recognize all of the facts this Wednesday, November 29, during a brief interrogation.

Invited by the president of the court Didier Safar to give his “ position on the three facts » of which she is accused, the ex-wife of serial killer Michel Fourniret declared standing in the dock: “ I admit all the facts, the three facts that accuse me “.

Monique Olivier admits “all the facts” with which she is accused during her trial - 1

Questioned a second time by the president, to ensure that she was referring to the Parish, Domèce and Mouzin files, Monique Olivier simply acquiesced.

On Tuesday, when the president learned of the facts, she had already expressed her regrets. “I regret everything that happened”, she had said. The accused septuagenarian, however, denied everything” criminal pact » between her and the one we call “the ogre of the Ardennes”.

On her married life with Michel Fourniret, from 1987 to 2004, she explains having lived in ” fear ” without having suffered physical violence herself, but fearing that it would happen to her ” something ” to her and to the son born from their union, Selim.

Monique Olivier admits “all the facts” with which she is accused during her trial - 1

Monique Olivier also claimed to have served ” bait “ against her will during kidnappings of young girls, like Isabelle Laville in 1987, upon leaving Fourniret prison. She was then pregnant with her son Selim. “He used me”» she said several times during her interrogation.

“Moral coaction” of the couple

This Wednesday, Monique Olivier then listened to the testimony of Francis Nachbar, former public prosecutor of Charleville-Mézières, who had filed a complaint against her and Michel Fourniret in 2008 during the couple’s first trial.

“The duplicity of this woman is beyond comprehension”also affirmed the retired magistrate, recounting having attended the interrogations of Monique Olivier by Belgian investigators in 2004.

Monique Olivier admits “all the facts” with which she is accused during her trial - 1

The latter also cited examples of “moral coaction” between the accused and Michel Fourniret. Recalling that she had washed victims and helped her husband to have erections to commit his rapes, he therefore judges that “thisThey are both monsters of inhumanity, perversity and cruelty, they are both dangerous “.

Now aged 75, Monique Olivier is on trial for complicity in kidnapping and sequestration followed by death to the detriment of Estelle Mouzin, then aged nine. She is also appearing for complicity in kidnapping and sequestration, rape or attempted rape, then murder of two young women aged 18 and 20, Joanna Parrish and Marie-Angèle Domèce.

The bodies of Marie-Angèle Domèce and Estelle Mouzin were, however, never found, despite several excavation campaigns. In the past, Monique Olivier has already been sentenced twice by the criminal justice system, to life imprisonment in 2008 then to 20 years in 2018, for complicity in the crimes of Michel Fourniret.

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