Monster Hunter World is in its home stretch and communication around the game is thus intensifying even more, with a Japanese event taking place this morning to bring good news to players.

The first of these is that Monster Hunter World will receive a third public beta on PS4 from January 19 to 22. In this one, you will have to try defeat the Nergigante, a new mythical monster. This will be the fourth quest after Grand Jagras, Barroth and Anjanath.

Additionally, a Unreleased trailer has been released about “Elder Dragons”. For more than three minutes, you will meet the steel Dragon Kushala Daora, the Dragon-King of flames Teostra, and the Dodogama.

If you want to see some gameplay, feel free to watch this replay of this morning’s japanese livestream :

A new ad also appeared:

The other point raised by Capcom was monitoring the app, and adding quests or monsters after release. From spring 2018, the Deviljho beast (shown above) will be implemented at no additional cost. Because of its way of life, the creature is forced to eat all the time, even if its prey is bigger than it.

We also learned that players will receive in-game bonuses, provided they log into the game at least once a day. But don’t panic, if you can’t, you will have the possibility to accumulate these gifts for five days, and to claim them all at once. These bonuses will take the form of “ lucky tickets” , Who will increase the rewards obtained for completing a quest.

On the Japanese side, the publisher will flood the stores with two PS4 bundles, the “Starter Pack” in two different colors (Jet Black and Glacier White), and will sell the Rathalos Edition PS4 Pro controller individually for around €47 (plus tax) starting January 26, 2018. A launch event will be held in the Tokyo subway in Shinjuku from January 22 to 28, and a surprise pack should be present in Shibuya between January 26 and 28, 2018. Finally, livestreams are planned as well as a tournament eSports.

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