Whether loved or hated, Final Fantasy XV has not left anyone indifferent, and the characters of this episode have been embedded in several other titles since the release. Square Enix wanted to explore the universe of this opus again, no longer via an RPG, but rather through a VR fishing game: Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV. A risky choice in view of the genre offered, especially when this idea is based on a mini-game annexed to the main adventure.

Prepare your rod and your bait, we deliver our verdict without further delay.

Why so serious?

The game begins as you are leisurely fishing from a boat in the pouring rain, but the appeal of this hobby is stronger than anything! As you celebrate your first real catch by admiring it, purple smoke appears all around the fishing area. This event announces the arrival of a boss, a monster from the depths, which emerges from the seabed to face you, before knocking you down without any scruple. Luckily for you, the ___y Cindy passed by and came to lend a hand. As friendly as it is attractive, even more in virtual reality, the young woman even takes you home, and takes the opportunity to brief you on what you will have to do. The main activity of Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is therefore fishing for big (and small)and will require recharging your PlayStation Moves to be able to play.

The feelings are really good

The title has various modes, including a Story mode, and it is on this that we will focus a little. As you will have understood, there is no scenario, and the whole thing is rather painful to follow anyway. The real downside of this campaign is that it takes itself too seriously. Be careful, there is still humor with the different guys from Final Fantasy XV like Noctis or Prompto to name a few, but we have the impression of witnessing a bad soap opera that tells “things” to furnish. The second major defect concerns the cutscenes that are interspersed between each mission. For some reason, the developers have chosen to post these sequences as if you were watching a video / movie, and no longer use VR during this time. Thus, you will be constantly tossed between classic 3D and virtual reality, which breaks the immersion perceived during the gameplay phases..

In addition, the loads are a real pain to the point that it slows down the desire to chain acts. There are loading times when launching the software, there are times when you are in your vehicle (where you choose the game modes), after defeating a boss, and also when returning to your chalet. Between the moment you leave the boss and the moment you reach your house, you will wait around your cooler for nothing, except to examine your fish. This part alone could have been deleted to save us yet another painful loading. If the exploitation of Final Fantasy XV and the relevance of its heroes in Monster of the Deep can be debated, the use of this universe has at least the merit of offering us superb panoramas. More idyllic and colorful settings than you might expect with this discipline. A clever way to almost forget this activity considered old-fashioned by some.

Got a dick!

As we told you above, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is played with two PlayStation Moves. The left one logically corresponds to your left hand, with which you will be able to catch a portable sonar, and the right one which represents the hand with which you hold your fishing rod. When you arrive at a spot that wants you, and after possibly having a chat with an NPC for the solo, the first thing to do will be to unhook the sonar from your belt. Thanks to him, you will be able to “see through the water”, since he will indicate via blue circles the places where the fish are, and the animals themselves can also be visible. Once you have sniffed the fish, just cast your line by reproducing the real gesture, remembering to press the Move button to validate the action. The operation is simple and does not invent anything, but the grip is not obvious. The team being aware of this, she added the possibility to cancel her throw by pressing the Move key again. A very good idea that allows you to immediately readjust your shot. When a fish takes the bait, the screen will let you know with an English phrase and a huge pink circle with an arrow pointing up. You will have to lift your rod to grab your target, then bring your left hand to the reel while spinning vigorously. The feelings are really good and we lend ourselves to the game.

Very pleasant landscapes to see in VR

Capturing small prey will increase your winnings, but will also fill a special gauge. This bar symbolizes the arrival of a boss, and you will absolutely have to reach the end for it to appear. Much larger, these enemies are therefore stronger. Before hoping to recover them, you will have the mission to bring down their life using your crossbow. Impressive at first, the effect of these meetings will unfortunately fade quite quickly as the weariness induced by repetitiveness will take precedence. This is also one of the complaints of this production, despite the desire to do well and make fishing more fun, the uninitiated risk being bored. And it’s not the loading times that will sweep away this feeling…

Let’s go hunting!

If Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV has a bunch of flaws that will be more or less forgivable depending on your affect with discipline, we can’t blame it for its content. In addition to the campaign, the game offers you the opportunity to fish freely, go hunting for a particular fish, or even participate in tournaments with the aim of exploding the scoreboard. The variety of fish is there, as is the diversity of your equipment. The gil gleaned from your catches allow you to acquire new rods, lines, hooks and different reels which will have an impact on the gameplay. You can even be at the forefront of fashion by completely customizing your avatar that you created at the start of the game. However, the developers seem to have forgotten an essential point along the way: translation. Everything is entirely in English (voice, texts, subtitles) or in Japanese. Although it is not eliminatory, we would have liked another treatment given the name associated with this game. Finally, salute really convincing face modelingand very pleasant landscapes to see in VR despite an aliasing that could certainly have been reduced.

Most :
  • – A rather nice playful side
  • – Convincing face modeling
  • – The ability to play musical compositions while fishing
  • – A change of scenery with colorful decorations
  • – The contents
  • – The flexibility of the game system
The lessers :
  • – Loading times that don’t make you want to play
  • – Constant back and forth
  • – A story that takes itself too seriously and does not interest
  • – NPCs not really helpful
  • – A pattern identical to all the missions therefore very repetitive
  • – Total lack of translation
  • – Immersion broken during cutscenes
  • – Avoid if you really don’t like fishing
THE REVIEW OF THE TEST OF Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV 12

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV has its own universe for it, borrowed from the original title, which allows it to be more attractive than a simple fishing game. What possibly flirt with the uninitiated. Unfortunately, the repetitiveness, the too serious and uninteresting campaign, and the endless loading times will get the better of most PlayStation VR owners. Still, if you like this activity, the software may come to grab you more, but that was not our case. The invisible line between us and the game will have broken very quickly!

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