Montbrial’s vade mecum against insecurity and immigration

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Montbrial’s vade mecum against insecurity and immigration

The death of Thomas in Crépol resonates in this open letter distributed by Current values. The lawyer and president of the Center for Reflection on Internal Security (CRSI), Thibault de Montbrial, sent a letter to the Head of State Emmanuel Macron this Wednesday, November 29. He particularly deplored the situation of France which did not “more seasons” and don’t know “that the winter of delinquency, the winter of immigration, the winter of Islamism”. Thibault de Montbrial thus called on Emmanuel Macron to act: “Mr President, the country is awaiting a revolution against insecurity and immigration. Fear must leave the stomachs of honest people. »

His three-point program

In his missive, the lawyer presented his solutions to redress the country in the face of delinquency. He presented a program in three parts which he considers ” essential ” . The first part concerns “uncontrolled immigration” that he wishes “stop immediately” thanks to “rapid technical measures”. Thibault de Montbrial also believes that the law on immigration, debated in Parliament, is not up to par.

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The second part then consists of “give our security forces the necessary framework to take control of lawless areas, prevent and, if necessary, repress further riots”he writes in this letter, reported by Current values. “We must carry out vigorous police operations, with area closures followed by sweeps”believes the lawyer.

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Finally, the third point would be to “strengthen the judicial authority, whose responses appear more out of sync every day given the exceptional situation we are going through”. For Thibault de Monbrial, we should restore short prison sentences, build “the 30,000 prison places that we are missing with establishments with different levels of security (and therefore costs) depending on the dangerousness of the prisoners”and I’m still applying “minimum sentences for attackers of state representatives and elected officials”.

Thibault de Monbrial also believes that it is important to act on an institutional level, by leaving France “temporarily outside Schengen”and this, with the aim of “regain control of our borders”. The author of the letter also wishes “suspend conventions with supranational institutions that limit us on sovereign issues”remembering that “Only France and Germany have the political weight in Europe to do it”. On the diplomatic level, the lawyer sees fit to“establish a real policy of authority with the countries of emigration, notably Algeria” and of “strongly tighten the rules for access to nationality” French.

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The rest after this announcement

With what funding?

Concerning the financing of these measures, Thibault de Montbrial believes that the “tens of billions of euros in savings, generated by a finally active fight against social fraud and the control of uncontrolled immigration” should be sufficient. In conclusion, the lawyer once again called on Emmanuel Macron to act. “It is urgent to rediscover this cardinal value that is courage. No more courage to say it. But that of acting. Mr. President of the Republic, for our nation, for its people, for France, act! »

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