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The start of the 2023 school year is marked by the shortage of teachers. The difficulties are concentrated in the Paris region. The point with Alexandre Hébert this Monday, September 4 on the set of info 19/20.

“There are 975 teachers missing at the Créteil Academy (Val-de-Marne). We can also cite Guyana where there are 124 shortages. , it is no longer by academy but by sector. There is a lack of teachers everywhere“, reports Alexandre Hébert, Monday, September 4.

Lack of preparatory classes

There is a shortage of more than a quarter of teachers in vocational high schools. ” In middle school and general high school, it’s 17%, it’s about the same for the technological high school, and even in the preparatory high school, there is a lack of teachers. 5.2% of positions are still vacant. As for the subjects where there is the greatest shortage of teachers, the first is that of mathematics, particularly in vocational high schools.mI also have classical or even German letters. Faced with this shortage, the National Education and the academies have decided to recruit many contract workers, but this has already been described as a “band-aid” by the teachers’ unions, in the face of what, according to them, is a real crisis. vocationsadds Alexandre Hébert.

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