Glory (or Fame) is a parameter that determines how other Lords treat you, and it also allows you to upgrade your Clan to achieve certain goals. One of the missions in Bannerlord’s first story, Rebuild Your Clan, requires 50 Fame Points. Here are some tips to help you get the job done as quickly as possible.

Fight against large enemy units.

The best way to become famous in Bannerlord is to face off against large enemy groups. It is about fighting with squads whose number is greater than yours. If your army of 20 units attacks an enemy squad of 30 warriors, you will get much more glory than if you fought with a weaker opponent.

It’s not the only way to get famous, but one of the best. The level of enemies also affects the amount of fame gained. Therefore, from the start of the game, the raiders consider one of the constant sources of fame.

However, if you have more units than Marauders, you can win in Auto Battles and earn stable Fame Points. Their number depends on the number of opponents. If you plan to cultivate the fame of Marauders and Bandits, do not destroy your shelters in any way, as they are the sources of these mobs. And as you gain experience, consider attacking enemy Lords with stronger armies.

Become a mercenary or a vassal

Another good source of fame will open after obtaining the first level of the clan (50 glory points): it will be possible to join one of the kingdoms. To become a Mercenary, you must first complete the “Rebuild Your Clan” story mission. Once you do this, become a mercenary. Kingdoms often fight each other, so you can take part in bigger battles.

By coordinating with fellow gentlemen who command vast armies, you can engage in constant warfare. Whether you bring 10 or 100 units into battle, if you participate in it, you will certainly get your share of the glory. For each battle you win as a mercenary, the king will pay 15 dinars.

If you have already managed to pump your clan to level 2 (150 Fame Points), you can become not only a mercenary, but also a vassal. And unlike the original Mount & Blade, this role will allow you to influence how the kingdom works.

By the way, to become a mercenary or a vassal all you need to do is find a realm lord that you would like to join and talk to. Select the following dialogue sentences:

« There is something I would like to discuss. »
– I would like to enter the service / I would like to serve you.
– Mercenary: “My sword is yours. For a decent price.
– Vassal: “Monseigneur, I am ready to pledge allegiance to you and join the ranks of your faithful disciples. «

Participation in the tournament allows you to become famous.

Win tournaments

Tournaments are a great way to earn fame, money, and equipment. If you are confident in your fighting skills, participate in tournaments and earn 3 fame points for victory. This is a decent option to earn 50 fame points and gain a level 1 clan. I note that the speed and damage of attacks during tournaments is dependent on your weapon skills such as one handed weapons. , both hands and bows.

How to fight in tournaments

If you want to participate in a tournament and earn Fame Points, money or just have fun, there shouldn’t be any difficulties:

– Enter the arena of any major city.
– Talk to the tournament manager.
– If this is your first time speaking to him, you will find out how the arena and tournaments work. Then you can ask if any tournaments are held in the nearest towns.
– The manager will name the closest cities to the tournament. You can click on the city name in the dialog cloud to open its page in the encyclopedia.

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