It is not uncommon to discover future products marketed through the sites of the various institutions with which brands must register them. The latest discovery in this area concerns Sony.

Indeed, a certification document for a product from the manufacturer appeared in the database of the Federal Communications Commission (responsible for regulating everything relating to telecommunications in the United States). The object in question would be a “ wireless adapter » registered under the code CUH-ZWA1Uknowing that the three letters “CUH” are associated with the PS4 and its accessories. If according to the documents below this new object has a good chance of being a USB accessory, it is impossible to define its usefulness or main function with the information provided, we can only speculate. The “Z” in the product code is generally associated with controllersso Sony’s next accessory could directly concern them, and that’s all we know for the moment.

On the web, some think that it could be a adapter allowing the PS4 to support more headsets via Bluetooth. Unfortunately the rest of the documents are protected until January 2017, so unless Sony reveals what’s behind this before then, we’ll have to be patient.

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