Netflix has decided not to create a dedicated native version of its app for the Vision Pro, the forthcoming mixed reality headset by Apple. Instead, the streaming giant will allow its existing iPad app to run on the device without any modifications. This move, as mentioned by SamaGame’s Mark Gurman in the Power On newsletter, provides developers with two options: either let their iPad apps run as they are on the Vision Pro or tweak them to be specifically optimized for the device. Netflix has opted for the former option, but the intention behind this decision remains unknown.

Although only a few companies have committed to developing dedicated software for the Vision Pro, Netflix’s choice carries significant weight due to its history with Apple. Netflix has been one of the prominent companies to reject Apple’s in-app purchasing (IAP) system and does not support AirPlay on its iOS and iPad apps. Additionally, users cannot subscribe to Netflix through Apple TV channels. The decision to run the iPad app unmodified might be sufficient for some users, especially if they desire a simple viewing experience, but concerns arise about potential bugs or missing features compared to native streaming apps. An inquiry has been made to Netflix for clarification.

Gurman’s analysis extends beyond Netflix’s stance, raising broader questions about Apple’s ability to attract high-profile developers to create content for the Vision Pro headset. The Vision Pro represents a new platform for Apple, but its high starting price of $3,500 and the expected limited sales numbers in its first year pose potential challenges. Furthermore, the presence of third-party apps has already been a problem for Meta, Apple’s primary competitor in this space.

Upon its launch, the Vision Pro will have access to a vast library of iPad apps that can be seamlessly run without any adjustments. Notably, Disney Plus has already confirmed its availability on the device, with significant emphasis during the WWDC 2023 keynote. Additionally, both Zoom and Microsoft have committed to developing software for the Vision Pro.

Gurman speculates that Vision Pro apps might be priced higher than their iPhone and iPad counterparts. He suggests that $20 could become the new standard price for most apps on the platform, with more advanced professional applications ranging between $50 and $250. Such pricing models are not uncommon on the iOS app store and would be expected on the Vision Pro as well. Furthermore, Gurman predicts that certain games could be priced between $40 and $60, particularly during the initial phase, when early adopters and tech enthusiasts are likely to be the primary buyers of the headset.

In conclusion, Netflix’s decision to run its iPad app unmodified on the Vision Pro has sparked discussions about the future of the platform and Apple’s ability to attract developers. With the headset’s launch, users can look forward to a broad selection of iPad apps, but developers’ willingness to create dedicated software remains to be seen. Pricing models for Vision Pro apps are also anticipated to differ from the standard iOS pricing structure. As the Vision Pro enters the market, all eyes are on its performance and potential impact on the mixed reality landscape.

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