New launch from Apple: The Apple Pencil now has a USB-C port


New launch from Apple: The Apple Pencil now has a USB-C port

Apple unveils its new stylus, the Apple Pencil, now with a USB-C port.

During a highly anticipated event dedicated to the iPhone 15 series, Apple presented a range of new features for its new models. The tech giant has now announced, without much publicity, the release of a new Apple Pencil. Furthermore, it should be noted that no update for the iPad has been announced, contrary to rumors.


— Sam Kohl (@iupdate) October 17, 2023

Characteristics and specificities of the new Apple Pencil

This latest version of the stylus is called the “new Apple Pencil”, although it is actually the third generation. The Apple Pencil 3 coexists with its predecessors and is expected to do so until the company decides to retire the original model. The main innovation is its USB-C port, located under a sliding cap. This adaptation allows optimal compatibility with iPads equipped with USB-C ports. Notably the iPad 10, but also the iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro.

This stylus can be magnetically attached to the iPad, activating a sleep mode to save battery life. On the M2 models of the iPad Pro, the new model benefits from a hover function.

However, the new model has some notable shortcomings. It does not support pressure sensitivity, wireless connection and charging, double-tap function and the possibility of engraving offered by Apple.

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Price-wise, the accessory is priced at $79, and will be available from the beginning of November. For comparison, the original price was $99. And that of the Apple Pencil 2 is 129 dollars. This price reduction seems justified for those who want a stylus primarily for note-taking.

Although rumors have suggested an update to the iPads, Apple has not introduced anything new at this level. Nevertheless, iPads continue to dominate the tablet market, successfully facing competition from Android tablets.

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