Level Infinitean independent studio label from Tencentannounces the launch of the collaboration between the sci-fi RPG mobile game NIKKE: Goddess of Victory And NieR: Automata, the critically acclaimed action RPG from Square Enix. This limited-time collaboration is available from September 1 to 27 and features characters, outfits and artwork from the NierR franchise in a new story from NIKKE. Downloaded over 25 million times worldwide since its launch, NIKKE: Goddes of Victory is now available on PC, iOS and Android.

Check out the launch trailer:

2B, A2 and Pascal from the YoRHa team arrive in NIKKE. This pairing of characters is natural as both games share similar themes which are the future of humanity and the role of intelligent machines. Additionally, protagonists 2B from NieR and Rapi from NIKKE are played by the same voice actress, Yui Ishika.

During this crossover, players can recruit 2B and A2 as playable NIKKE characters, along with 9S as a non-playable character (NPC). Free cosmetics will be available during historical events. NIKKE players will also receive the character Pascal for free by participating in the ‘Memories of: Automata’ event. More rewards, including a special YoRHa avatar banner, will be announced in the coming days on official social media.

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory takes its players on an immersive adventure within a world filled with mystery to explore. Featuring state-of-the-art animated artwork, the game offers realistic performance and smooth movement for the characters to enjoy a dynamic combat experience. All characters have a special weapon and a range of skills that offer unique gameplay. The player will have to create his team, evolve his character and complete each mission to fight the invaders and save humanity. Also, the game contains unique battles with towering enemies, requiring coordination and preparation to defeat them.

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