The clock ticks until 00:01, the night officially begins. With your daughter’s birthday tomorrow, you kiss your wife and child on the forehead and head out into the night. Your job is the same, day after day, endless day to ensure safety. Former security guard Keigo Ochigi has mysteriously disappeared, setting the tone for the rest of the night. Being the only guard available on duty, your job is to check the clock, monitors and details before walking around the building to detect any intruders. Much like wandering the halls of school at night, there’s something incredibly ominous about the office building. Your first week at work should be easy, but with your daughter’s birthday approaching, you may find that you won’t be around to sing happy birthday to her. This is Vincent’s guide to how to get all endings in night security.

Night Safety Traditions Explained

Main objective in night security

You play as a night security guard for an office building. With 11 floors in total to explore and guard, you’ll need to dispatch anyone who stays overtime, while having to check security cameras and alarm systems to make sure everything is in place to protect the building. As you enter one of your first shifts, you learn that the previous guard has mysteriously disappeared. However, thinking he just quit, you go about your normal rounds for the company, patrolling each floor and dispatching anyone in their path. As you take the elevator, more and more technological anomalies occur. Unlike the usual Chilla’s Art game, Night Security’s horrors are paranormal rather than nefarious humans.

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A cursed office building

Each floor of the office building is worse than the others. But things get a little weird around the 5th floor after you find a strange winding hallway covered in blood. As you wade through the red liquid, all in an effort to locate the fuse to light up the floor. The building staff behaving in a rather odd way in that no one seems to see or experience the paranormal activity going on in the building, your job is to keep the residents safe and the building safe .

The janitor appears to be possessed, being in a daze with a dark aura, forced to clean up after the damage caused by the vengeful spirit. But the icing on the cake of supernatural madness and each floor left to ruin as you climb further into the building is the creepy ventriloquist dolls. These possessed dolls join in the fun – watching, following and attacking the security guard. Seeing that the previous guard quit/disappeared after recognizing the ghost, the escalation of paranormal events and the appearance of the dilapidated building had no one but yourself wondering what was going on.

What happened here?

Throughout the shift, you can find televisions that seem to show memorabilia related to the ghost that haunts the building.. The ghost appears to have been some sort of office manager who started having a relationship with Ochigi (the former security guard who disappeared). She must have died before Ochigi disappeared, being the culprit of her disappearance. But once she learns that a new woman has replaced her by becoming Ochigi’s girlfriend,she takes revenge on her, luring her away from the elevator and into a dark room. With its door covered in blood, it’s safe to assume the ghost has indeed exacted revenge, but these spirits are restless and have no way to pass peacefully, so while its revenge is sweet, its satisfaction is not. not.

The office building is haunted by the terrible events that happened in the building. My initial guess was that the woman who was dating the security guard committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the building. The stairway leading up is covered in police tape, and the fact that the hauntings get worse the higher you go up binds its soul to the trap at the top of the building. The workers trapped inside appear to be dead and have long been trapped in a state of purgatory. Everyone you converse with is either leaving or woken up by you, the guard, having this as their only memory. The game starts when you leave for work, but the faces of your wife and child cannot be seen. I wondered if there was even there or if there was just a memory of what you don’t want to forget as you pass to the other side.

How does night security end? – Endings Guide

When you find the final VHS tape, the spirit finally faces you. The endings are divided according to whether or not you escape him in the final chase scene. The tape hints at the possibility that you are actually Ochigi, living on October 22 on repeat. Evidence shows that the woman who came to you and took your details was later seen killed on camera monitors. Everything leads you to find the final tape to hear the trapped soul of the woman inside the tape begin to declare her love to someone before being cut off. Nobody else knows about the strange paranormal phenomena or cares about the destroyed appearance of the office floors demonstrates that you are the only one experiencing the hauntings.

The Hopeful Ending (GOOD)

There are a total of 2 endings in Night Security. You have to escape the spirit while putting the code on the wall outside the room where you watched the VHS tape. In order to get the best possible ending in this game, you need to enter the code – 1 0 2 3 (the daughter’s birthday). Keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to enter all 4 digits at once because the mind will probably catch you. Instead, aim to put one at a time, heading to the third door on your left and back to the door closest to the keyboard. After entering the code and hearing the chimes, head back to the other side of the hall and escape through the elevator for the last time. You will wake up in a hospital bed where your wife and child will be running towards you. But in the back She appears once again, this time not as a vengeful spirit but as a haunting that will stay with you forever because of your guilt.

The True End (BAD)

To get the other ending in Night Security which constitutes both the bad and canon ending, you just have to get caught by the spirit at the end of the game. The credits after his death confirm that the protagonist is in fact Ochigi and that he tricked the woman in the red dress (bad spirit) after being seduced by the other woman who “used her body” to get what she wanted. Although dates are not revealed other than October 22, the birthday Ochigi was celebrating was her daughter’s as she turns 7 on the 23rd. As this is her only reality check, it shows in everything. the office building as pictures and code to escape on her child’s birthday.

I guess about 10 years have passed since the events, seeing that Ochigi has met another woman and now has a 7 year old daughter. Still haunted by his past, he is the victim of an accident that plunges him into a coma. He relives the day of October 22, forced to come to terms with his trauma and actions that led to the death of his ex.

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