The Kyoto firm will have kept its promise with the announcement a few minutes ago of Nintendo Lab. Kezako exactly? A project actually designed for children, since they will have to build constructions… out of cardboard. Explanations.

You will have at your disposal boxes that you can transform into “almost everything”, like a fishing rod, a motorcycle, a piano or even a robot. Your achievements are “Toy-Con” in which you must insert your Joy-Con or the Switch tablet, in order to bring these creations to life. In other words, a construction game 2.0. These pieces of cardboard can be personalized by drawing on them, and you will be able to invent other ways to play.

Are you already completely lost? Watch the video carefully to understand better:

Of course, the idea will not be to go and rummage through your neighbours’ garbage cans or the local grocer to collect boxes, but to order those from nintendo. From there, and if you thought that Skylanders or LEGO Dimensions type Video Toys were sold for gold, you saw nothing.

Two packs will therefore be marketed at $69.99 and $79.99and we will detail them for you without further ado:

Toy-Con 1 Multi-Kit ($69.99)

In the box you will find:

  • The game cartridge containing the Multi-Kit software
  • 28 cardboard sheets (includes an additional personalization sheet)
  • 3 sheets of reflective stickers
  • 3 sheets of adhesive pads
  • 1 string (orange)
  • 1 string (blue)
  • 1 carnation (grey)
  • 4 carnations (blue)
  • 2 rubber bands** (large) + spares
  • 6 rubber bands** (small) + spares

The Kit allows you to build:

  • Toy-Con RC Car : take the wheel of miniature racing cars by using the touchscreen of the tablet, and the HD vibrations of the joysticks which allow you to direct the cars in the desired direction
  • Toy-Con Fishing Rod : build your fishing rod and take the opportunity to harvest the exotic fish available
  • Toy-Con House : Build your house and interact with a cute creature at the front of the house, via the Switch screen. Each shape block is spotted by the infrared camera housed in the right Joy-Con above the House
  • Toy-Con Motorcycle : insert your Joy-Con into the handlebars, and put on your helmet to safely ride a motorcycle on the Nintendo Switch screen. The right handle is assigned to the accelerator, and leaning or turning your arms allows you to act on the direction:
  • Piano Toy-Con : bring to life a cardboard piano capable of playing your own music thanks to the different keys. It is also possible to add other buttons to modify the sound effects

Released April 27, 2018.

Toy-Con 2 Robot Kit ($79.99)

In the box you will find:

  • The game cartridge containing the Kit Robot software
  • 19 cardboard sheets (includes an additional personalization sheet)
  • 4 sheets of card stock
  • 1 sheet of reflective stickers
  • 2 strings (orange)
  • 2 strings (blue)
  • 4 straps (grey): 1 long, 1 medium and 2 short
  • 10 eyelets (gray)
  • 2 carnations (orange)

Released April 27, 2018.

Customization set

These are the decorations that we mentioned above, and that we thought were free, but you will ultimately have to buy this set which will include:

  • 2 adhesive rolls
  • 2 stencil boards
  • 2 sticker sheets

No price yet, but the set should also be available on April 27, 2018.

Nintendo Labo: the workshop, try the experience in preview

The “Nintendo Labo: The Workshop” will be organized at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, and open to parents, children and the media. Places being limited, you must register at this address, and choose between these two dates:

  • Friday, March 2, 2018
  • Saturday March 3, 2018

You have until February 8 to complete the formand thus claim to be on the guest list of this event.

Finally, Satoru ShibataPresident of Nintendo Europe, said:

Our goal is to put a smile on everyone who comes into contact with Nintendo. Nintendo Labo invites all creative minds and gamers to create, play and discover new experiences with the Nintendo Switch. Personally, I hope to see a lot of people having fun together building the kits as a family, with a smile.

With this information and the presentation video, what do you think of this Nintendo Labo?

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