During an interview with the site Digital, Philippe LavoueManaging Director of Nintendo Franceconfirmed the tidal wave caused by the Switch in France, while also taking stock of the sales of 3DS, Super Nes Mini and Amiibo.

In addition to these interesting data, Philippe Lavoue confided in the short and medium-term future of the Switch in France, revealing the number of units that the manufacturer hopes to sell:

We want to keep the dynamic of the big games. We want to release a new title on Switch every month. Bayonetta 1 and 2 arrive in February. Other franchises have been announced: Kirby, Yoshi, Fire Emblem… Other games and innovations will be announced very soon. We want to reach the installed base of one million units by the end of February. And exceed 2 million by the end of 2018. First, we mobilize fans of innovations and early adopters. Now we have to address the majority of consumers. It is a difficult course to pass. With the Switch, we reach this milestone. It is a solution in the lives of players thanks to its three game modes. The difference between portable and living room modes no longer exists with this machine.

As you can read, nintendo also wishes to maintain its cruising speed of one game per month, which includes in-house productions, current games from third-party publishers, and numerous ports/remasters.

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