On the Big N side, we are preparing for the future. As we know, despite having announced that its Switch console was only in the middle of its life in 2022, and that it is now the 3rd best-selling console in history, Nintendo finds a fairly blatant delay with other current consoles, and does not want to be three generations behind by 2025-2026. The long-rumored Switch Pro or Switch 4K therefore seems to have been abandoned, in favor of a Switch 2 or a new console that would be prioritized by the Japanese group.

Another important step reported today by the very serious Nikkei: Nintendo would have entered into negotiations with suppliers to support the production of a next-generation console. Nintendo estimates that it can sell 20 million Switches in 2023 and its replacement would not be expected until 2024 thereafter.

However, the lifespan of the Switch will eventually expire. Asked about the strategy for the next generation of consoles during press conferences, President Shuntaro Furukawa simply replied, “We want to provide entertainment that is different from others”. but behind the scenes, negotiations with suppliers on a production system also begin.


We know anyway that actual production will begin when sales begin to decline. And so far, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. According to Nikkei analysts, we should count on the second half of 2024 to finally see the new generation of Big N.

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