No Man’s Sky – Find rare items and items

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No Man’s Sky – Find rare items and items

Rare items in No Man’s Sky are – similar to the valuable alloys – easy to recognize. On the one hand, they are, logically, rarely found. On the other hand, they cannot be stacked in your inventory. Unless you plan to use the materials for an upgrade, a crafting recipe or anything else in the near future, you shouldn’t carry the stuff around with you for too long. It is better to put them directly on the high ledge and get all the necessary ingredients first if you want to make something. So you don’t waste your already limited inventory unnecessarily.

Basically you can assume that all the rare items that we list here and that you can get hold of on the planet can always be found in heavily guarded areas with numerous tough opponents. Unless you are directly targeted, this usually happens at the latest when you try to collect the item in question. So prepare yourself for tough fights and / or think about an escape route straight away.

Conversely, this also means that you can more easily identify where there is something worthwhile to get on a lucky planet. If the guards correspond to the category “angry” or just below that, the planet should turn out to be a real gold mine – with the corresponding dangers, of course.

No Man’s Sky Rare Items: Where to Find Them and What to Use Them for

Dimensional matrix

With around 15,000 units, the matrix doesn’t cost the world, but those who are fixated on saving will want to find it. But it’s not that easy if you don’t know where to find them. If you can show a usable ship, trust your skills as a pilot and don’t shy away from combat, you can take on guardian spaceships. As a rule, you have a good chance of picking up a few matrices. But remember to clear enough inventory space before attacking.

How it works? Well, whenever you just briefly shoot one of the large spaceships that can be found almost everywhere in space, a guardian spaceship comes to defend it. Make sure you have enough titanium with you to charge your deflector shield and move away from the large ship generously while the guards chase you. This way you avoid having to worry about the cannons of the larger ship and you can concentrate on the hunters alone.

It is important that you have a lot of free spaces in the inventory, because after their destruction the guards not only drop dimensional matrices and as soon as your inventory is full, the other objects are deleted. The best way to stand against the Guardians, at least in a well-armed spaceship, is to fly backwards away from them and shoot them. So they come towards you in a straight line and make an easy target.

Then you only have a few seconds to pick up the blue loot containers that they leave behind. Once you have what you need, you use the impulse drive to move away before reinforcements arrive. If not, empty your inventory again by discarding unwanted items, feed your deflector shield with titanium or iron and wait for the guard to be replenished. Repeat the process until you have what you need.

Required for: In some nifty upgrades. For the best phase coolant upgrade for the spaceship radiator, for example. But also as a commercial item.

Neutrino module

The same procedure as with the Dimensional Matrix: Guardian spaceships – but also attacking pirates – drop these computer parts generously. In fact, I already had to ditch a lot of them when I was trying to farm dimensional matrices.

Needed for: Trade and some upgrades and crafting recipes. The Tau pulse nozzle, for example

Water sphere

The water sphere is a rare object that you cannot find for a long time because you are not looking in the right place. They are rarely found underwater on high water planets. But don’t waste your time searching on yellow Class F solar systems. The likelihood of finding such rare items increases with the type of solar system: Green, red and finally blue star systems give you the best chance. Your scanner will help you with the search, because it marks such rare resources with a green diamond with an exclamation mark. If you see such a symbol in the water, you will know!

However, you farm water spheres even easier if you stand in a space station and tap the incoming NPCs. Many of them sell water spheres. Then you are over 100,000 units going on, but you have golf arms together even after ten minutes and you don’t waste so much time.

If you ever find yourself on a planet with many spheres of water and your inventory is not full to the brim, it is worth farming and selling them.

Required for: The flash launcher’s target tracker upgrade and for trading.

Gravitino ball

These round objects lie around in the landscape on planets that are usually quite dangerous and well guarded by guards. At first they appear like dark, knee-high marbles. As soon as you approach, they start to shine brightly.

Your scanner also marks them as green diamonds with exclamation marks.

Required for: Various high-level upgrades. Usually only a single copy is needed, in the case of the spaceship weapon “Advanced Cooling Theta”, however, ten of them.

Protein pearl

Often grow underground on extremely toxic planets. First you have to shoot them out of a seemingly organic formation. When you pick them up, guards tend to attack. Also available as a trade item in space stations and from NPCs.

Required for: In the trade you can often get very good prices for protein pearls.

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Vortex cube

Vortex cubes are often found in caves and hollows on planets with little life. The biome is usually not noteworthy, so that after getting out one does not immediately see that there could be something valuable here. Likewise, the presence of vortex cubes isn’t always associated with quick Guardian attacks. Often an incredible number of specimens can be found in the caves. If you can also find a trading terminal on such a planet, it is worthwhile to linger. These valuable consumables are one of the best farming options once you find them.

Required for: For trading and for certain upgrades, such as the powerful Theta jet impact weapon.

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