The creation of the Patrick-Roy Trophy by the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Obviously. Because without taking anything away from others, no other former Quebec player in the National League has done as much for this circuit as the former general manager and coach of the Quebec Remparts.

Roy has given back a hundredfold to the league in which he began to make a name for himself. He wasn’t exactly a star player with the Granby Bisons, who struggled during his three seasons with them.

He did not possess the technique that would later become his trademark thanks to the skills of his guru François Allaire. But his strength of character escaped no one.

This is what pushed Serge Savard and André Boudrias to draft him in the third round in 1984 with a choice obtained from the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for Robert Picard.

Patrick endures regular bombardments every evening with the Bisons.

His goals-against average rose to 5.55, 4.44 and 6.26, but he never gave up. Daniel Bouchard, his idol with the Nordiques, had also told him during a surprise visit to his home, on the occasion of his birthday, that the ideal would be for him to end up with a weak team at the junior level. .

Question of seeing a lot of pucks.

Roy saw the smell of rubber in Granby!

Patrick Roy has given back a hundred times to the QMJHL.

Photo Pascal Huot, QMI Agency

A pioneer

His success with the Canadiens and the Avalanche made him the benchmark among National League goaltenders.

Quebec was the breeding ground for butterfly-style goalkeepers. The young people wore number 33, including Manon Rhéaume. It was the golden age of Quebec goalkeepers.

The QMJHL had to pay tribute to Roy in a tangible way.

If Guy Lafleur was his greatest player and ambassador, Roy will have been his greatest ally.

His passion for hockey led him to return to bus travel and eating on his knees after many years of enjoying the leisurely National League lifestyle. It takes willpower and unreserved love for your sport to submit to such a regime.

Roy’s short-tempered nature embarrassed him more than once, but he adapted to the new realities of hockey.

Today, he is one of those who believe that fighting no longer has any place on the ice.

Knowing him, he will be the first to defend the position of the QMJHL against those who shout loudly that the circuit is making fun of it with its regulations aimed at stopping fights.

The NHL will not escape

Yet the Ontario and Western leagues are the last two to tolerate fighting.

European hockey has never accepted this kind of thing and it is the same at the American university level which supplies an ever-increasing number of players to the NHL.

The OHL and WHL shouldn’t scare the QMJHL as much either. The last four editions of the Memorial Cup have been won by QMJHL teams.

How can we ask young people aged 16 to 20 to throw away the gloves?

They don’t want to know anything about that.

It is not up to them to police the game, but to the leaders who are adults, let us remember. It’s not being afraid of not wanting to fight. There’s boxing and martial arts for that. A change is happening and the National League will not escape it.

Patrick Roy understood this over time. He has done an impeccable job with the Remparts over the last few years. His players loved playing for him. Roy knew how to instill good values ​​in them.

Receiving the Patrick-Roy trophy will be a great distinction for the goalkeepers who will be honored with it.


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