Olivier Véran points out the “risk of a shift in society”

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Olivier Véran points out the “risk of a shift in society”

The government spokesperson promised this Monday to “pursue” the perpetrators of his attack, ensuring that it was neither “a fight, nor a brawl, nor a news item”, pointing out the “risk of societal tipping point”.

Government spokesperson Olivier Véran pointed out, this Monday, November 27, during a trip to Crépol, the “risk of a shift in our society”, while the death of Thomas, 16 years old, in Drôme ago more than a week has sparked much political debate. reactions.

What cost this 16-year-old young man his life was not “a simple fight on the sidelines of a village ball” but “a tragedy which puts us at risk of a shift in our society, if we “aren’t good enough”. the task,” he declared to the press, assuring that the French can count on a “strong and unshakeable State to protect them and deliver justice.”

The spokesperson for the executive also affirmed that the death of the teenager was neither “a fight, nor a brawl, nor a news item”, it was a question of “people who gratuitously attacked other people “.

“It’s not because Thomas was there, at that village festival, that he was stabbed, it’s because there were men in that parking lot who were ready to kill him,” he said. -he explains. -he rocks.

“Keep going” the authors

Olivier Véran also had a thought for Thomas’ parents, whom he said were “overwhelmed by grief and pain” and assured that he wanted to “relentlessly pursue” and “punish” the perpetrators of the attack on young Thomas, 16 years old.

“Their anger is ours. Their grief is ours,” he promises.

“I want to express the absolute and unconditional support of the State to all the victims of this tragedy”, but also “to all those whom the tragedy has shaken to the core”, he assured. “You are not alone, we will not leave you alone. »

Crépol: how a village festival turned into a tragedy

The spokesperson assures that a “local victim assistance committee will meet in the coming days chaired by the prefect and the prosecutor of Valencia” to best support victims and their loved ones.

9 charged

The far right and part of the right have seized on the drama by associating insecurity and immigration.

After Thomas’ death, several parades were launched at the call of the ultra-right, including one in Romans-sur-Isère, near Crépol, on Saturday evening. It gave rise to around twenty arrests and 17 police custody after clashes with the police.

“It is up to the courts to do justice, and not to the French themselves and to each other,” recalled Olivier Véran.

He called for “not to give in to the temptation of revenge for the violence committed in Roma by far-right factions driven by hatred and resentment”, believing that the French have a “duty of decency”.

Saturday’s parade coincided with the presentation to the Valencia prosecutor’s office of the suspects accused of having participated in the violence that led to Thomas’ death. Nine young people, including three minors, were indicted, six placed in detention and three released under judicial supervision.

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Olivier Véran points out the “risk of a shift in society” - 1

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