One of the new LoL champions is also one of the most…


One of the new LoL champions is also one of the most…

Some versions of champions are complete and completely missed. One champion in particular hasn’t been around that long, but he’s become one of the least played champions in the game.

Some builds of champions just aren’t the best. Take Rell, she was a complete mess and right after her release patch she was pretty much forgotten. Luckily, she was resurrected through a mid-range update, but there’s another champion who’s been left out.

Not every champion can be the most played number one, but after only being there for a short time, it’s pretty sad to fall as low as this. So, will Riot do something about it, or is it just because of the nature of the champion and his situation?

LoL: the new champion is one of the least popular

Some champions are forever stuck in the “never seen” department of League of Legends. Shyvana, Skarner and Corki are among them. But recently, another champion joined the roster and unlike the champions we just mentioned, she’s actually still quite new.

In 2022, Riot released Renata Glasc into the game and for once it felt like a pretty level-headed champion had made her way into Summoner’s Rift. She was awesome, had good lore, and had a unique playstyle for an Enchanter.

But, a year after its release, many fans have apparently stopped choosing it. A Reddit thread recently went viral in which someone asked why exactly Renata lost popularity and why we barely see her on Summoner’s Rift.

Why did Renata become the 4th least played champion in the game?
by u/Boudynasr in leagueoflegends

  • so you can rage for a completely different reason.

Most explained that although she is a good choice, she is not a safe blind pick option, unlike the new Milio support which feels very safe.

Not only that, but it also depends on the composition of the enemy team. Renata is excellent in specific situations, but falls short in others. Most explained that Renata is someone who will counter tough engagements or champions that rely on resets.

These aspects of her kit make her a very specialized choice for specific situations, so players might not see her too often.

Overall, Renata Glasc is a decent pick, but she has no place in the current meta, which means we’re going to see her less and more from other champions.

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